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Aesthetics matter when communicating with others. Wes Wilcox shares some graphic design basics for church application.

As Christians seeking to live with convicted civility, we can’t succumb to either one of them. Instead of leaning out, now is the time to lean in with all wisdom, courage, and compassion.

Which group of Christians finds the highest approval rating in the US? It might just be that these warm-hearted people are in the best position to preach their warm-hearted gospel. Watch Part III of our interview on church planting with Ed Stetzer.

The relationship between missionaries and their supporting churches has a long history, all the way back to the sending of Paul and Barnabas from Antioch (Acts 13). Over recent decades, that relationship had developed assumptions and expectations, some of which may need to be questioned or simply relinquished due to changes in technology, travel, globalization, and new understandings of mission.