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  Covenant Church stands out by equipping and sending laity to connect people with Christ in their own passions and communities. “(Evangelism) happens by intentionally creating relationships with people who share a common interest,” said Pastor of Congregational Ministries Jay Buckingham. “Our groups ministry allows leaders to build these relationships, and in the process, help group members move one step closer to Christ.” We encourage our members to lead semester-long groups centered on their passions. We believe those passions are given to them by the Lord and that He can take a person’s passion (motorcycle riding, sewing, baking, etc.) and use it to connect people to Himself and to the body of Christ. Most small groups systems are content driven from the top down. This system is relationship driven from the bottom up. One of my favorite stories about group discipleship begins with a husband and wife. The wife has been a committed […]

It seems like there’s always another local church in the news for pulling some outlandish stunt or another. And sometimes its hard to tell what their intention was, and other times its pretty clear that they were looking to get in the news. One way we can begin interpreting these surprising actions by a local church is to examine their beliefs and determine whether they would be considered “orthodox”. Orthodoxy can be defined as the “right belief” about God and is typically characterized by the ancient creeds of the church.  To compliment their orthodox belief, we can then consider the “orthopraxis”, or the “right practice”, of the church. Typically the orthopraxis of the local church is expressed in much broader terms than orthodoxy, and of the two is what flexes as local churches contextualize their practices to reach new members. We have found 7 examples of surprising things that churches have done to attract […]

Love Chapel Hill is a church plant rooting itself in the cultural center of downtown Chapel Hill. Lead Pastor Matt LeRoy calls it "a beautiful collision of college students and homeless men; young professionals and families; artists, activists and academics." We believe that the most eloquent articulation of the Gospel is a love that gives itself away. This belief fuels our evangelism efforts and strategies. So we give ourselves away through “Strangely Warmed,” an initiative to collect and personally deliver warm winter clothing to our homeless friends. We orchestrate “piano drops,” leaving a piano on a busy street corner for artists to play and crowds to enjoy. Sounds weird, for sure, but in a creative town that draws artists and musicians from all over theSoutheast, it’s like speaking to them in their native language. We started “Grace on Wheels”—a partnership with the local Transit Authority providing neighbors in poverty with free […]

So, it is clear to me that Caucasian people groups in the United States (and, indeed, wherever these groups are found) represent the fastest growing mission field in the world.

It was an unlikely meeting. I am a 32 year-old wife, mother of two, living in a well-established neighborhood. She is a 52 year-old single, recovering drug and alcohol addict. Her name is Barb. I was in downtown Lexington, visiting with Rosario Picardo at  Embrace Church. He introduced me to her outside the building. We said hello, shook hands and both went our separate ways. I was headed inside to interview Rosario about his new book and she was headed to work at Embrace’s clothing bank. Little did I know that within the hour, she would share a story with me that would teach me a lesson I will never forget.   This is why we love Embrace Church. It is a church filled with stories like this one. We would love it if you download the digital version of the Embrace story. Every Sunday we'll feature stories of what God is doing through the Church.    

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