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Remember, practical discipleship at home isn’t about creating MORE things “to do” – it’s about intentionally inviting Jesus into the things you are already doing. It’s about making that space in the everyday for Christ to do His transforming work and for faith to be formed in each heart. Christina Embree gives solid examples of how to do just this.

Steve Dunmire shares wisdom on the importance of taking a real, true vacation.

Dialogue means conversation, but a conversation with the purpose of learning the truth. Dialogue involves an exchange between speaking on the one hand and...

Bishop William Willimon shares that a church without younger people need not lose hope; instead it is best that they get busy building the kingdom with whatever resource they have.

Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video by William Chaney of Path1 ministries as he shares three steps to launching a fundraising campaign and understanding those who want to give to your church plant.

When you reach out, open the doors, and make a place for special needs children, youth, and adults you will discover a wonderful blessing that will flow through your entire congregation. Read these 6 steps by Randy Jessen for reaching special needs families.

I have always enjoyed good working relationships with my pastors as a result of some key things early on in my career that helped me connect and gain the respect of my elder colleagues in ministry. Here are seven things I have discovered over the years that senior pastors want from their youth pastors.

Does the new Department of Labor ruling have you concerned about how it might affect you? Church Leader Collective shares some great resources to help you remain compliant.

Today's Saturday Post features an article by Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary. The article, posted earlier on, has received widespread attention at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church (presently underway). He offers incisive and bold guidance on what it would take to recover United Methodism as an apostolic movement. Read and Share. 

Chad and Joshua have a conversation with Andrew Thompson about what it means to be a pastoral theologian and why it matters to carry your education into the pulpit. We also have a raucous good time with another Southern boy at the expense of Joshua.

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