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We are to pray and work for the coming of the kingdom here and now, in every nook and niche of creation.

One church in Rochester, NY now has a Mixed-Martial Arts gym onsite. They use it as a way to reach people interested in the popular US sport, and as a way to help people grow in their faith. Scott Huntington asks whether or not this is a valid form of evangelism and discipleship.

What should evangelism look like in the 21st century vs. old paradigms? How might the Bible inform this understanding? Dr. Bob Stamps shares with us.

Incarnation is not just a matter of tweaking our delivery method. It’s about planting new forms of church in bowling alleys, fitness centers, restaurants, etc.

Rev. Dr. Tory Baucum, Rector of Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia, and one of the Six Preachers of Canterbury Cathedral, shares what Anglicanism is and what church life looks like.

As Christians, we’re called to live with our feet firmly planted in two different worlds – heaven and earth.

Obviously, giving a speech and preaching are two different things. But, it can be hard to decide which one is appropriate for a given situation. Leanne Hadley shares some truths about how we should speak at an event to make an impact without getting too "preachy."

It's important to recognize the natural seasons of church planting in order to be faithful to the biblical great commission. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video by William Chaney of Path1 ministries.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor Joshua interviews the Rev. Carolyn Moore, founding pastor of Mosiac United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia. Carolyn shares her story of call, the role her family plays in her ministry, how there needs to be a different conversation about gender roles in leadership.

The decline of the class meeting matters because disciples of Jesus Christ are called to live different lives, not just think different thoughts. Read more from Kevin Watson as he offers a challenge to the 21st century church.