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As a church-lover, researcher, and practitioner, I offer four church planting organizations and two church plants you simply need to know. These church planting organizations are getting it done with creative and consistent means. They each offer distinct contributions to the field of church planting.

Michael Hawn, a professor of church music at Perkins School of Theology, uses two basic categories when speaking about music in the church: cyclical and sequential. Modern worship music has morphed into a form somewhere between the two.

Market segmentation—it's a business concept that appears to have made its way into the church, expressed primarily through worship services tailored for different audiences. In today's post, Jonathan Lawson examines the effect of traditional and contemporary worship styles on the church.

A healthy working relationship between a lead pastor and associate pastor is rewarding for both the clergy and the congregation they serve. After more...

Echo Giveaway | "In the same way, the United Methodist Church should not undertake to teach people catechisms only so that more of its members may articulate a clear and concise understanding of the basics of faith, but that through their understanding, Methodists might grow in holiness of heart and life." Read a great piece by Teddy Ray, co-author of Echo, on reclaiming a vital aspect of our Wesleyan heritage.  
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In 18th century Methodism, ordering people according to gender and marital status and putting them in micro-communities catalyzed spiritual growth of regions and realigned the spiritual trajectory of entire nations. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video of Kevin Watson painting a compelling picture of Wesleyan band meetings.

I am a pastor serving temporarily at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas.  Yes, Lakewood is also the name of another Houston church pastored by...

What's the difference between legalism and holiness? In today's article, Keith Drury walks us through a profound, step-by-step understanding of how legalism often creeps into a community and gets mistaken for holiness. Judith MacNutt shares on spiritual warfare and healing ministry. View more resource on healing ministry. View Judith and Francis MacNutt's Christian Healing Ministry page.

In the middle to late Nineteenth Century a group of Christians revitalized Wesley’s doctrine of entire sanctification and perfection in love. It was not a theological renaissance that took place in the halls of academia but a revival of experimental theology. They were the holiness movement, and here is a list of ten Holiness Christians everyone should know.