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Until recently, biographers and historians have focused on Martin Luther King, Jr. as a liberal theologian or social activist, at times losing sight of...

How do we measure the way lives are being affected by our churches? Sadly, most pastors do not spend much time outside of church world, so there's no way to know. In today's article, David Alexander explores how pastors might connect better with the people they serve. We sat down with Archbishop Robert Duncan of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and discussed things such as the church, culture, and...

Are you looking to grow as a leader? Church Planter Collective shares some wisdom on counter-cultural leadership.

The church is the place of belonging for resident aliens—and it offers a hopeful model for how to live and work in the place between heaven and earth. The Generosity Monk, Gary Hoag, Ph.D. shares with us 4 ways leaders can encourage Christian generosity. Visit his website at View our growing playlist of...

How does tax law affect charitable giving? David King weighs in.

Trends are changing in the American religious sphere. David P. King shares why and how these changes matter to everyone.

Dr. Robert Lupton shares six points based on the ancient physician's Hippocratic Oath that might help direct the church's service to the needy.

Showing us where to take our ministry is not the role of mega-church pastor or a publishing company; it is the role of our theology. What we believe about God is absolutely central to how we do ministry. Jeremy Steele shares his experience as a youth pastor with the Wesleyan perspective.

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