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I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot.  Would that you were either cold or hot!  So, because you are lukewarm, and...

I am a conference junkie. It’s part of my Wesleyan heritage. In the Wesleyan tradition, we value conferences. Wesleyans have seen the value not...

The power of money in our lives is too great to view stewardship as managing finances by simply moving money from one column to another.

Christy Sprague, Director of Small Groups at Faithbridge United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, shares three keys to small group ministry in the suburbs.

The Christendom model as we know it, our dominant Western version of the faith, is disintegrating.

Should the church ordain women? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Ben Wayman responds to common objections that would limit ordination to men.

The grace that we expect for ourselves is not always the grace we give to others. Peter Ferguson calls into account the way we care for our clergy.

Crossing the threshold of a potential new community is frightening, no matter its nature. In this article, Drew McIntyre compares his recent search for a gym to searching for a church home, and shares what he learned from the experience.

What would Francis Asbury have to say to today's preachers? Matt Friedeman shares helpful advice.

Have you found yourself operating with an old system of management that is no longer working in ministry? David King shares wisdom on making transition to a new system of management that fits changes in worldview and culture.

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