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Youth pastors often face unique challenges, but with the challenges comes growth. One youth pastor shares the challenging experience of getting fired and five things he learned in the process.

A recent New York Times article asked the question, "Why are some tweets more popular than others?" Seedbed's Chief Sower, J.D. Walt takes a shot at answering this question, making observations along the way about the recent findings concerning how evangelical Christian Twitter users are far outstripping the influence of celebrities and other users on the popular micro-blogging social networking site. 

Parenting is difficult on its own, but when you add a teenager with Facebook at her fingertips in a moment of anger -- it's downright HARD. A particular youtube video showing a father's punishment and retaliation to that kind of situation has gone viral. After responding to his daughters malicious remarks, he shoots her laptop. Veteran youth minister, Bob Swan, discusses how these difficult times can be the best teaching moments.

Noted Missions Expert and author, Howard Snyder, weighs in on the discipleship implications of best selling book, Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman's bottom line: Our attention is shaped almost exclusively by the media we engage. Snyder provides analysis of what he calls "Attention Stewardship Disorder. . . .