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Have you ever had your congregation ask for your help in growing and being more welcoming? Would you know what to do if they did? Miriam Seyler shares her experience in helping a church learn hospitality.

It is good to do a very academic study of Scriptural text before preaching it. But, do you also take time for the devotional as well? Leanne Hadley discusses the use of Lectio Divina in sermon preparation.

The stereotypical, unruly, gets-on-the-senior-pastor’s-nerves youth pastor can and should go away.

Were you there? Roger Brown shares his insights and the things he was able to take away from this year's New Room Conference.

James Evans shares how it is crucial for the church to engage modern technological opportunities.

“It takes what it takes.” – Schnase Wise words to apply to life in general. Recently, I was in turmoil to help my church keep...

During this past year, God has held my hand through an unexpected journey of experiences that have at times brought me to mountains of...

There are some stories that never get old; stories we like to hear over and over. My daughter asks to hear her favorite bedtime...

Aesthetics matter when communicating with others. Wes Wilcox shares some graphic design basics for church application.

In Genesis 1:28, God commanded Adam to "...fill the earth and subdue it." However, should we take this as a license to do with the earth and its natural resources all that we want, without considering the consequences?