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What are the characteristics of a healthy church? Howard Snyder shares insight from the renewal movement.

What role do miracles really have in the development of the Church today? Stephen Elliott shares the history of the miracles of God.

An evaluation of the social gospel is not a simple matter. It provided a much-needed new awareness about complex social challenges facing newly industrialized...

Can both views be incorporated into one understanding of the church and church renewal that affirms both the necessity of a present, vital experience of Christian community and discipleship and also the validity of the church in its more institutional form?

One hundred miles west of London lies Bristol, in Wesley’s day a bustling port city of thirty thousand people and the second city in...

What did theological liberalism actually do? James Heidinger shares the tenets of that theological shift.

Watch as Dr. Scott Kisker continues his Seven Minute Seminary teaching on the origins of American Pentecostalism, tracing their origins from Methodist and Holiness groups.

What did Bonhoeffer think about the theology he found upon his arrival in America? James Heidinger weighs in.

We hear about the faith of our fathers, but what about the women who have gone before us? Ruth Tipton shares about another amazing woman of God, Catherine Booth.

Where did Pentecostalism come from? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Scott Kisker traces the origins of this American and global phenomenon by describing the various Wesleyan and Methodist contexts from which it emerged in the Western world.