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How can your impact on the kingdom of God continue long after you have reached the other side of glory? Denny Heiberg shares the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Dr. Jeffrey Frymire on the nature of communion and what can be learned from the practice of the 4th century church. View our growing playlist...

Thinking about church planting? Caution: There will be people who hurt you. Church planting hurts. AJ Thomas shares advice that will help.

What place does a woman have in the Kingdom of God? Kate Hilderbrandt what a vital role women have played in missions.

What's the difference between legalism and holiness? In today's article, Keith Drury walks us through a profound, step-by-step understanding of how legalism often creeps into a community and gets mistaken for holiness.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Sandra Richter shares the story of King Josiah, who reformed the people of God and brought them back to living under God's covenant (2 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 34).

Valentine's Day is a popular day of celebration in the United States and beyond, but most people know surprisingly little about the origins of the holiday. This isn't necessarily surprising, as surprisingly little is known about Saint Valentine except his name. Here are some other quick facts you may not know about Valentine's history.

Today we tend to think of Scripture for discipleship primarily in terms of individual Bible Study, but in the early church—which had no complete Bible—Scripture use was much more multivalent. Read more from Steve Bruns as he continues his series on discipleship.

It was here, in Holy Communion, that the Church saw fully and completely what the potential cost of discipleship entailed: death. And yet it was literal good news, because despite his death, Jesus Christ was currently present with them in this very act of Holy Communion. Read more from Steve Bruns' series on the early church and discipleship.

Contemporary Pentecostalism is in many ways an offshoot of Wesleyan-Arminian spirituality and theology via the American Holiness movement. Pentecostals specifically identify conversion, sanctification, divine healing, and the premillennial second coming of Jesus as Wesleyan-Arminian-Holiness themes that particularly impacted the formative stages of their movement’s development.