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From his birth to high-ranking Roman colonists parents to his death on March 17 in the late 5th century, St. Patrick was best known for his evangelistic fervor, courage, and humility, even in the face of difficult opposition from druid religious leaders. Here are seven quick facts you may not know about St. Patrick and St. Patrick's Day.

Most of us have heard of John Wesley, but do you know about George Whitfield? Stephen Wright shares some wisdom from a book about a giant of the faith and one of Wesley's contemporaries.

Origen spent his life teaching theology, by which he meant, in harmony with all the Fathers, “scripture interpreted according to the Church.” He calls this practice “lectio divina” or “divine reading." Jackson Lashier dives deeper into Origen's approach in this installment of "In the Company of the Fathers."

Where would we be without the Protestant Reformation that happened 500 years ago? Read these quick points by Andrew Dragos as a reference for the great consequences of this powerful historical moment.

Who are the mothers of our faith who dared to usher in the kingdom of God against all odds? Ruth Tipton continues our "She Preaches Gospel" series with Sojourner Truth's story.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker helps debunk this myth by pointing out that history is too complex for simple notions of history that posit a right and a wrong side.

Scott Kisker explains how several traditions recaptured the significance of a genuine faith encounter with Jesus Christ following the Protestant Reformation.

Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Dr. Jackson Lashier as he explains how the lives of Christian martyrs are instructive for disciples of Jesus today.

Christians can choose to receive what God offers, so that there can be in our lives reflections of the very nature of God.

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