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Finally, the question must be asked, “What is a disciple?” For those early Christians, being a disciple was really quite simple. It meant that they were becoming more and more like Christ in every single aspect of their lives. Read the final entry in Steve Bruns' series on discipleship.

Broadly speaking, a means of grace refers to all the ways by which Christians grow stronger in their faith and grow in the grace of Christ. In other words, they are God’s instruments to convey grace, including prevenient grace, justifying grace, sanctifying grace and, ultimately, glorifying grace.

Thirty Questions: A Short Catechism on the Christian Faith translates the historic faith of the Church into a basic training resource for both believers and those yet to believe.

Worship and Christian education are often kept separate within the church. We have the Sunday school, where generally a lay person teaches a carefully...

Absolute Basics is an eight-week confirmation study is stocked with rich explanation and engaging videos that bring catechesis to life for people of all ages, backgrounds, and stops along their spiritual journey.

The meditations in The Call to Holiness: Pursuing the Heart of God for the Love of the World explore how God’s holiness is manifested within the larger framework of His self-revelation as found in the Bible and in our lives.

The journey of Christian discipleship can only be embarked upon with a sure foundation under foot—get the new resource to help you learn the foundations of the faith.

Read Wesleyan Catechesis: The Role of Sacraments and Confirmation, Part I. --- Why then did Wesley also delete the catechism from The Sunday Service? Was it...

Remember, practical discipleship at home isn’t about creating MORE things “to do” – it’s about intentionally inviting Jesus into the things you are already doing. It’s about making that space in the everyday for Christ to do His transforming work and for faith to be formed in each heart. Christina Embree gives solid examples of how to do just this.

Catechesis has been the church’s continuous ministry of teaching the faith to believers, aiming to instill within them a Christian way of living grounded...

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