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In 18th century Methodism, ordering people according to gender and marital status and putting them in micro-communities catalyzed spiritual growth of regions and realigned the spiritual trajectory of entire nations. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video of Kevin Watson painting a compelling picture of Wesleyan band meetings.

Recently, there has been a surge of attention on healthy models of marriage ministries within churches. Singles ministry, however, seems to be left out in this renewed understanding of better ministry models. Keith Turner weighs in on some ideas for a better ministry model for singles.

Fall is a difficult time of transition for students entering college, especially if it is their first semester. To get them going in the right direction, Molly Just shares 7 helpful tips for parents and teens heading off to college.

Have you recently graduated? Are you facing the transition of moving away from home and beginning a life of your own? Andrew Dragos offers some solid tips for new graduates on how to make that transition successfully.

A part of God’s call – throughout the Bible and to you and me today – is to be holy and set apart. One of the most basic ways of accomplishing this is to pull away from the crowds, quite literally. In today's post, Guy Chmieleski continues his series sharing fundamental ways of being Christian in the 21st century.

Do you feel like every day is a full-on sprint from the moment your feet hit the floor to the moment your head returns to rest on your pillow at the end of the night? In today's post by Guy Chmieleski, read about how hurriedness distracts us from the life God wants us to experience.

All of the noise in our lives has a kryptonite—it's called silence. In today's article, Guy Chmiesleski reflects on all of the daily elements that shout at us and distract us from our relationship with Christ, and then offers a spiritual discipline that might help remedy the situation.

The "empty nest" stage of life can be difficult to navigate—it's both a time of celebration and a time for mourning the change. In this article, Ben Wiles offers 3 tips to help new empty nesters navigate the season of life that lies ahead.

Moving off to college marks a new season of life for young adults who are in the process of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Campus pastor Guy Chmieleski offers 7 tips for starting college right and taking on everything that's new and different.

It's that time of year again—kids are heading back to school. In this personal letter to his son, Steve Beards offers us a window into how sending a child off to college can be genuinely encouraging without being smothering.

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