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This book paints a lanscape of the Christian Church in China. The author interviews a diverse group of Christians and shares their moving stories. God is Red is full of inspiring stories, and it bears witness to Christians who know Jesus as a true treasure in the midst of adverse circumstances.

Pastor Guy Williams offers a helpful review on "Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Church." The book addresses the issue of partisanship in the Church in a straightforward manner. Find out if it will be a helpful book for you or members of your church.

What is the Gospel? Are we reducing it to simply a gospel of sin management? or is it most expansive? Scot McKnight's newest book, The King Jesus Gospel, tackles that question offering a fresh perspective on an age-old question. This Seedbed summary breaks down the book and offers a Wesleyan perspective on it. Read this summary to find out if this book is one that would be helpful to your ministry.