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There's a difference between how we treat homosexuality as an issue and how we treat people who struggle with homosexuality. Taylor Brown shares what we must do as the Church in terms of actual people.

Are you hoping to keep up with what's happening in the world of Gospel studies, or looking for resources to equip members of your congregation? Check out these four fresh books on Jesus and the Gospels.

When it comes to biblical interpretation, Christians must do their best to leave their biases aside and be open to how the text might...

Was John Wesley's mission to Georgia a success or a failure? In Geordan Hammer's important book, he challenges us to reconsider how we've imagined Wesley's ministry while in America. Read more from Howard Snyder as he reviews this important contribution to Wesley scholarship.

What are habits, and why do they matter for Christians? In James K. A. Smith's latest book, you'll discover both a challenge and an encouragement for the church to take seriously the power of love and desire.

What are the real key differences between the ideals of our culture and the ideals of authentic Christianity? Andrew Dragos reviews a book that compares the two vastly different moral codes.

The study of the Gospels in relation to oral history, eyewitness testimony, and social memory has experienced a tremendous surge in the past decade. Taylor Brown reviews a book that tells how the Early Church wrote the story of Jesus.

What would happen if pastors were vulnerable with their congregations about their struggles? Nathan Smith reviews the book, The Vulnerable Pastor, by Mandy Smith.

Honor and shame are often thought to be relics of cultures past. But shame especially has a strong grip on today's culture, even in the West. In today's piece, Randy Hardman reviews The Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson.

M. Robert Mulholland Jr. (1936-2015) passed on to be with the Lord on Sunday, December 20st. He is survived by his wife, Lynn, and he left behind a rich legacy of biblical scholarship, pastoral care, and resources for spiritual formation.

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