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Nobel Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis was alarmed by the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. In 1931 his journalist wife had interviewed Hitler. Now...

When it comes to biblical interpretation, Christians must do their best to leave their biases aside and be open to how the text might...

Who is God, and what is he like? In his book The Experience of God, David Bentley Hart takes on the straw-man arguments of popular New Atheists and delivers a tour de force rebuttal of their impoverished ideologies. Learn more about Hart's work in this review by Andrew Dragos.

What should Christians believe about heaven, hell, and purgatory? Jerry Walls' recent work on the last things is a fascinating exploration into some of the deepest realms of Christian thought. Check out the review by Drew McIntyre today on the blog.

The most important book of 2016 is The Patient Ferment of the Early Church: The Improbable Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire, by...

Brian Shelton realized that gaining clarity when it comes to predestination and free will is to be found not in the synthesis of these two doctrines, but in their separation. Read about his journey into exploring the biblical foundation for prevenient grace.

Taylor Brown reviews Larry Hurtado's newest book, calling Christians to remember our heritage as a set apart people who defy the darkness that we live in with the light of the gospel.

Do you wonder why some denominations ordain women and some do not? Kelly Soifer shares from the Free Methodist tradition.

This book paints a lanscape of the Christian Church in China. The author interviews a diverse group of Christians and shares their moving stories. God is Red is full of inspiring stories, and it bears witness to Christians who know Jesus as a true treasure in the midst of adverse circumstances.

Guy Williams encourages us to read and enjoy The Road to Character. Anyone concerned about our spiritual and moral poverty, and the disappearing shared cultural vocabulary with which to address it will applaud Mr. Brooks’ rich, thoughtful work here. Then rejoice and proclaim Christ, whose death and resurrection make possible not only the reconciliation of our relationship with God.