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Catechism is a term first introduced by Martin Luther to denote a formal method of teaching the basics of christian beliefs, specifically focusing on...

Have the form, but not the power? Jonathan Lawson shares a profound perspective on how evangelicalism neglected the sacramental nature of worship in integrating contemporary-style worship services in mainline denominations. A video resource to share and download for church and small group use. Created by David Rose

Renowned author and biblical scholar N. T. Wright sits down with J.D. Walt, Maxie Dunnam and Ben Witherington III to talk about his view on justification and salvation, and other things like baptism, worship and the new atheism.

To receive someone into your home and offer them a bath and a meal is one of the surest signs of full acceptance and a real relationship. This is, essentially, what God does with us after we are rescued from the bondage of sin, brought out of our imprisonment to Satan and into a new life in Christ.

It was here, in Holy Communion, that the Church saw fully and completely what the potential cost of discipleship entailed: death. And yet it was literal good news, because despite his death, Jesus Christ was currently present with them in this very act of Holy Communion. Read more from Steve Bruns' series on the early church and discipleship.

Scripture plainly says again and again that Christ offered himself as the atoning sacrifice "once for all." How then does Paul dare to suggest that Christ’s sufferings are somehow insufficient? Wesley’s answer to this question points to the heart of the faithful Christian life lived together with and before God in the world.

Our primary conversation surrounds Christendom and the theology of infant baptism. We started our conversation with this article written by Jason Micheli called "Infant Baptisms Malignant Assumption."

What is a sacrament and why do Christians celebrate them, besides the obvious fact that Jesus told us to? In this article, Timothy Tennent introduces Christian baptism and the Lord's supper, and explains their significance in a way that anyone can understand.

What wonders unfold when we consider the Eucharist in light of the holy mystery that is the Trinity? Chris Green shares his musings on what the Eucharist becomes as he surveys the work of each of the three members of the Triune God.

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