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Read Wesleyan Catechesis: The Role of Sacraments and Confirmation, Part I. --- Why then did Wesley also delete the catechism from The Sunday Service? Was it...

Renowned author and biblical scholar N. T. Wright sits down with J.D. Walt, Maxie Dunnam and Ben Witherington III to talk about his view on justification and salvation, and other things like baptism, worship and the new atheism.

There is only one baptism, so how is baptism a part of our daily discipleship at all? Andrew Thompson explains how we are to integrate our baptism into the daily living-out of our faith.

Our primary conversation surrounds Christendom and the theology of infant baptism. We started our conversation with this article written by Jason Micheli called "Infant Baptisms Malignant Assumption." Dr. Jeffrey Frymire on the nature of communion and what can be learned from the practice of the 4th century church. View our growing playlist...

What is a sacrament and why do Christians celebrate them, besides the obvious fact that Jesus told us to? In this article, Timothy Tennent introduces Christian baptism and the Lord's supper, and explains their significance in a way that anyone can understand.

I've often thought of my life as having been lived on the edge of the liturgy. I suspect that perspective will resonate with many... A video resource to share and download for church and small group use. Created by David Rose

Why do Christians take communion? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Robert Stamps explains what happens at communion and why it's so important for Christians to regularly celebrate the Eucharist. He suggests that it has more to do with what happens to us than what happens to the elements.

What wonders unfold when we consider the Eucharist in light of the holy mystery that is the Trinity? Chris Green shares his musings on what the Eucharist becomes as he surveys the work of each of the three members of the Triune God.

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