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There are several common things we do that can add up to make a big negative impact on our lives. Asbury Seminary's Vice President of Community Formation shares 9 things that you have probably done, that you should watch out for.

How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world today? In part five of this series, we feature the dynamic answers of Ben Witherington III, Al Gordon, Stuart Townend, Thomas Oord, and Amy Oden.   Ben Witherington III– Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, author of more than 30 books, and elected member of the prestigious Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas. “On where do I see the Holy Spirit working, I would say in the Middle East. Muslims are having vivid dreams of Issah, Jesus, even Muslims who've never read a Bible or had real contact with Christians.  The Spirit is up to something, undercover, behind the scenes, imperceptibly, but nonetheless definitely.”   Al Gordon –Services Pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton and co-founder of Worship Central, an international worship training and resource center. “Here in the UK and in other parts of the world where we are working, I see the Holy Spirit searching for servants […]

Preparing for a class on Christian doctrine, I’ve been perusing the great artists, to see what they have to say about the Christian faith. Painters, for better or worse, do theology and even biblical interpretation when they set brush to canvas. One painting in the “better” category I keep coming back to is “The Garden of Eden” (1828), by Thomas Cole. The painting’s a helpful theological corrective for many of us, focusing our eyes not on the first sin, but on the gift of creation itself. Cole lets us breathe some of Eden’s air without rushing to the temptation and fall. As befits a painter, Cole accomplishes this visually. Typical of a Hudson River School artist, his landscape is enormous, and may not even feature the tree of the knowledge of good and evil at all. When visually represented, the garden story often hinges around the prohibition, and paintings of Adam […]

From the Seedbed vault circa 2008. Author and speaker Shane Claiborne sits down with JD Walt and discusses how the words of Jesus are foundational to his faith. In the final installment of this series, Claiborne explains what it means to live as a red letter Christian. Want to see more of Shane Claiborne? Here's part one and part two.  

How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world? As the series continues Shane Claiborne, Maxie Dunnam, and Stanley Hauerwas share thought-provoking answers about the Holy Spirit's role.   Shane Claiborne- founding partner of The Simple Way, author of several books including Jesus For President, a prominent social justice activist and speaker.  “In John 14 Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit and he says:  “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing… even greater things than these.” He then assures the disciples that, though he is leaving them in the flesh, the Holy Spirit will be with them – and live in them. This may be one of the most mysterious and wonderful miracles of all – God lives in us. The Spirit is not limited to our hands -- but the Spirit wants our hands. Paul writes, “The life […]

Renowned Author and speaker N.T. Wright sits down with Maxie Dunnam, Ben Witherington III, and J.D. Walt to talk about his view on baptism. In the final installment of this four part series, Wright lays out a thought-provoking narrative of baptism that is rooted in Exodus and echoed through Romans.

In Craig Keener's new book, Miracles: The Credibility of The New Testament Accounts, he shares awe-inspiring stories of thousands of people coming to Christ following miracles. This series continues with  Keener sharing stories from India in which one miraculous sign prompted a new movement among a certain people-group. Want more? You can view the entire Miracles series here. 

  Jesus first sermon, his inaugural address clocked in at appx. 8 seconds. It was every bit of 17 words. The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the Gospel. So what is the Gospel? I think I’ve finally seen the obvious, which is to say I’ve had an epiphany. The Gospel is simply this, “the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The call to action is “repent.” So if the in-breaking Kingdom of God is the Gospel, what does repent mean?  I have many thoughts about this. I wonder what yours are. 

From the Seedbed vault circa 2008. Author and speaker Shane Claiborne sits down with JD Walt and discusses why understanding the bible accurately makes a big difference in our lives. In part two of a three part series, Claiborne discusses how damaging bad theology has been throughout history and why it’s important to have good theology.

How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world today? That is the question the Seedbed staff set out to answer. In part three of this series, we are featuring the responses of Greg Boyd, Nicky Gumbel, Will Willimon, Pete Greig, and Timothy Tennent.   Greg Boyd - President of Christus Victor Ministries, author of more than 20 books, Senior Pastor at Woodland Hills Church, and he was ranked #4 on’s Most Influential Christian Scholar’s list. “I am most excited about the way Holy Spirit is giving people a fresh vision of what the post-Christendom Church will look like. All around the globe, and from a remarkable diversity of tribes, the Spirit is calling people into the beautiful, humble, counter-cultural, other-oriented, enemy-loving, cross-carrying, servant Kingdom of God.”   Nicky Gumbel – Vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton, popular and award-winning author of several books, and is most well known for developing the Alpha […]