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  Jesus first sermon, his inaugural address clocked in at appx. 8 seconds. It was every bit of 17 words. The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the Gospel. So what is the Gospel? I think I’ve finally seen the obvious, which is to say I’ve had an epiphany. The Gospel is simply this, “the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The call to action is “repent.” So if the in-breaking Kingdom of God is the Gospel, what does repent mean?  I have many thoughts about this. I wonder what yours are. 

From the Seedbed vault circa 2008. Author and speaker Shane Claiborne sits down with JD Walt and discusses why understanding the bible accurately makes a big difference in our lives. In part two of a three part series, Claiborne discusses how damaging bad theology has been throughout history and why it’s important to have good theology.

How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world today? That is the question the Seedbed staff set out to answer. In part three of this series, we are featuring the responses of Greg Boyd, Nicky Gumbel, Will Willimon, Pete Greig, and Timothy Tennent.   Greg Boyd - President of Christus Victor Ministries, author of more than 20 books, Senior Pastor at Woodland Hills Church, and he was ranked #4 on’s Most Influential Christian Scholar’s list. “I am most excited about the way Holy Spirit is giving people a fresh vision of what the post-Christendom Church will look like. All around the globe, and from a remarkable diversity of tribes, the Spirit is calling people into the beautiful, humble, counter-cultural, other-oriented, enemy-loving, cross-carrying, servant Kingdom of God.”   Nicky Gumbel – Vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton, popular and award-winning author of several books, and is most well known for developing the Alpha […]

In Craig Keener's book, "Miracles," he shares amazing stories from his research from all over the world. In part three of this series, Keener talks about a man who was instantly healed from blindness. Plus, he shares how the purpose of miracles is not simply to meet our needs. Rather, Keener explains, they have a much greater purpose.    It's another bonus video day! Craig Keener's wife, Medine, talks about her own healing experience and how it impacted her life. Want more? You can view the entire Miracles series here. 

From the Seedbed vault circa 2007. Renowned Author and speaker N.T. Wright sits down with J.D. Walt, Maxie Dunnam and Ben Witherington III to talk about his view on justification and salvation. In part two of this four part series, Wright explains how many people have misread Paul’s letters in light of justification and salvation. In case you missed it here's part one where Wright talks about Athiesm. 

In Craig Keener's new book "Miracles," he details seven eye-witness accounts of raisings from the dead in contemporary times. One of those experiences was in his own family. In part two of this series, hear how his sister-in-law was raised from the dead, plus he shares another dramatic account of a child being raised from the dead. And see the bonus video with Keener's wife, Medine, and hear her perspective on Craig's research.

How do you see the Holy Spirit moving in our world today? In part two of this series, we get answers from Scot McKnight, Darrell Bock, Elaine Heath, Steve Seamands and Victor Reasoner. They weigh in offering unique, global perspectives.

Craig Keener’s new book, “Miracles: The Credibility of The New Testament Accounts,” has been called one of the finest books ever written on the topic by many renowned scholars. We interviewed him to get an inside look at this expansive two-volume work. In this video series nothing is off limits. From Keener’s personal reflections to a family member being raised from the dead, these intriguing stories will surprise and inspire you.

How do you see the Holy Spirit moving in our world today? This is the question that the Seedbed staff asked a number of present day witnesses from around the world, in a variety of backgrounds. In this series of posts, we'll share the answers of some influential followers such as N.T. Wright, Jon Acuff, Ben Witherington III, Scot McKnight, Shane Claiborne, and many others.

From the Seedbed vault circa 2007. Renowned Author and speaker N.T. Wright sits down with JD Walt to talk his view on Atheism. Part one of this four part series, discusses how to deal with a backlash against a false perception of Christianity.