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With a nudge from our accented British brethren—Wright, Stott, Lewis, and Wesley—America may be waking up to a new creation song. That’s a good thing, because the modern church has too often embraced consumption over stewardship, says John A. Murdock.

Covenant renewal services revisit what it means to be a follower of Christ. Adapted by professor and worship designer Jonathan Powers, check out this modern order of worship adapted from John Wesley's service.

The Bible is a book like no other, with both divine and human authorship. Watch this video interview with Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington as they help illuminate the significance of this remarkable claim.

July 10th, 1509. 1. Calvin was a lawyer by training and a scholar in the humanist tradition, meaning he believed in the value of human...

In this Seven Minute Seminary, founder of Q Gabe Lyons offers four questions for us to consider as we move into the space of culture-creating.

Advent focuses on God’s entrance into our struggles with life. The anxiety of life in the flesh and the knowledge that every human being must face: life is a fragile gift, here one minute gone the next.

Has the site of Jesus' baptism been discovered? In this video, Ben Witherington III shares about a new archaeological site where early Christians would go to get baptized. It is possible that this was a special site for the early church because it is also where Jesus was baptized by John.

The grace that "goes before" is a doctrine worth knowing. This primer briefly introduces the reach and scope of prevenient grace as understood by John Wesley. Explore some biblical references that serve as a foundation for this important doctrine.

In today's post Jackson Lashier shares why Irenaeus’ voice needs to be heard today. Irenaeus shows us that the incarnation is a new revelation of God, but also that it is fundamentally misunderstood if its newness is not interpreted in profound continuity with the salvific work of the Creator, Covenant God of Israel.

How does Paul frame salvation in the book of Romans, and what do ethnicity and the historical circumstances of the 1st century have to do with it? See this Seven Minute Seminary by Dr. Craig Keener.