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I’m reading a wonderful little book entitled, Methodism Can Be Born Again, by W.E. Sangster, an extraordinary Methodist preacher and leader in Britain during...

I recently heard a pastor say, “Invest in people who invest in people.” I’m glad he wasn’t Jesus’ pastor. I’m pretty sure this is evidence...

There are many concerns about the ethics of short-term mission trips being brought to the missional table. Certainly, these concerns warrant investigation. Yet, in this time when trends in missional work are shifting away from short-term trips, Richard Coleman shares the potential benefits short-term missions could potentially have on youth.

Why is the Ascension of Christ so important? Steve Seamands explains how it makes the Great Commission possible.

In the Bible, everything from anteaters to jellyfish, waterfalls to water buffaloes, sunsets to supernovas—everything emerges from and for persons in loving relationship.

Those who have gone before us are already in heaven in festive assembly. They are worshipping God and the Lamb with their sins forgiven.

This Seven Minute Seminary will help you evaluate if you are an effective Christian leader. Dr. Wes Griffin outlines things that every Christian leader needs to do to be effective and fruitful in ministry.

The face of missions has changed drastically with the advent of the 21st century. In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Matthew Price shares three ways in which the way we do missions might be affected by the changing times.

John Wesley was a master of holding things in tension. Howard Snyder shares three important tensions Wesley got right.