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Some of our most cherished beliefs, songs, and platitudes are based on proof-texting, which means that the original historical and literary context of the Bible is ignored.

There have been predictions that 2012 is the year the world will end. The return of Jesus is the hope of the Church and no book deals this truth more expansively than the book of Revelation. We'll share with you two ways that the Church can reclaim Revelation.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Contrary to popular notions about disembodied eternal existence, the Christian hope is grounded in Jesus Christ’s resurrection, which is a foreshadowing of what the church will share in as well. Watch Matt O'Reilly in this Seven Minute Seminary explain the Christian afterlife.

The story of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple requires some background information to be fully understood. Read more from Ben Witherington as he explains the significance of this event.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

What is the unforgivable sin in the Bible, and how does this blasphemy of the Holy Spirit relate to apostasy from Hebrews 6 and the sin unto death in 1 John 5? Dr. Ben Witherington explains in this Seven Minute Seminary video.

Anyone interested in gaining a more vivid, authentic picture of Jesus and his environment—only within which his words and deeds are properly understood—should read the work of Amy-Jill Levine. In today's post, Nathan Brasfield review her most recent work, Short Stories by Jesus.

Faithfulness to God within the purposes of God do not exempt us from life pain.

There are many places where you can interact with Seedbed; they include our hard copy books and all of the resources we have on our website. But did you know we're also on iTunes University? Check out today's post for links to 3 resources you may not have known about. They include NT666, N. T. Wright lectures, and our Psalter.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus reenact and fulfill the Old Testament story.

The Holy Spirit empowers God’s people to carry the good news of the gospel to all people. Read more today from Brian Russell as he explains the powerful force that led Paul and his missionary co-workers to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and what our own pentecostal mission might be.