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Around chapter 3 in the Letter to the Hebrews, the author begins what may be considered the formal argument that attempts to persuade and encourage the Christians to remain in their faith.

Who is the thief that comes to steal, kill, and destroy, according to John 10:10? The answer might surprise you. Watch this video and listen in on Dr. Craig Keener explain the background to this passage.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary What makes the book of Revelation unique? How should we begin to understand it's meaning and message? Dr. Ben Witherington here explains it in...
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Contrary to how some read 1 Corinthians 15, the spiritual body is about source of empowerment, not quality of material. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video from Ben Witherington III as he critiques views on the spiritual body that pass over the resurrection.
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What is the Apocrypha? Why is the Protestant Bible shorter than the Catholic Bible? Should these books be considered inspired by God? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Bill Mounce answers these questions and more.
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Why over 600 rules in the Law, and what do they have to do with God? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video with Dr. Brent A. Strawn as he offers helpful orienting information for a Christian understanding of the Law.

Divine intermediaries, or mediators between the gods and humans, were well-known throughout the ancient Near East.
Antonio Balestra; 18th century

The end of the book of Isaiah teaches us that God himself will graciously enable us to fulfill the call to righteous living.
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Hebrews 2 in particular helps fill in some of the areas left open in Paul's exposition of the gospel. The chapter begins with the first of the warning passages in this letter.

Battles between “Science and Religion” and “Atheism and Faith” continue in academia and general culture. In this debate, Dr. Michael Ruse and Dr. Michael Peterson debate the issues at the level of worldview explanation.