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Just as Yahweh can command the sea to be quiet, he can whistle for Leviathan and Leviathan comes.

Divine intermediaries, or mediators between the gods and humans, were well-known throughout the ancient Near East.

The book of Jonah was not simply preserved for the sake of recording history—it was preserved to teach future generations about the mighty acts of God and his ambitions for his people.

As Creator and Sustainer of the universe, God is the only true King.

True security in the present is found in confidently trusting that the future is secure in God’s kingdom.

While human ancestry matters, what matters more is being born of God.

Sacred memory serves as a light to sustain us even in the darkest moments of our lives.

Worship the Lord for his faithful and steadfast love that creates, saves, and sustains.

Faithfulness is rooted in a prayerful devotion to God’s Word.

God displays his power and majesty by saving those who are desperate for what only he can do.