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Hebrews 2 in particular helps fill in some of the areas left open in Paul's exposition of the gospel. The chapter begins with the first of the warning passages in this letter.
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The Letter to the Hebrews is a long sermon written to encourage Christians facing adversity.

We often think of the vastness of God’s grace, but equally staggering to contemplate are the consequences of drifting away from him.

From the very moment God started to create to the moment that Christ will bring his eternal kingdom, Jesus is God’s last Word for the universe.

God will not allow us to bask in some warm, fuzzy glow that does not face reality. If we choose to live without God, his shalom is an impossibility.
Antonio Balestra; 18th century

The end of the book of Isaiah teaches us that God himself will graciously enable us to fulfill the call to righteous living.

The first commandment is the foundation for our keeping of the whole of the Ten Commandments. It is the most basic reorientation from a life directed toward ourselves to a life directed toward God.

With Jesus, rock bottom is an opportunity to begin again and coming undone is a chance to be made new. The end is where he starts from.
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In this Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener reminds us that salvation, even in the Old Testament, was always by grace through faith.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener helps explain the context of Israel's laws by pointing out that many of the laws were admittedly meant to limit sin, not abolish it altogether.

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