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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Dr. Jim Miller on the relation between sin and worship in the book of Romans. View our growing playlist of Seven Minute Seminary here.

One of the most insidious tendencies is to see all of Scripture through the lens of Romans. This bias goes way back in history. In this Seedbed interview, Dr. Ben Witherington III speaks with Dr. Richard Bauckham about the book of Revelation. Purchase Dr. Bauckham's The Theology of the...
video What do the Psalms tell us about the place of lament in our faith? Dr. John Oswalt helps explain how being real about struggles...

To say the book of Revelation intimidates many readers of Christian Scripture is probably an understatement. The difficulty of understanding its ancient Jewish apocalyptic... Dr. Craig Keener goes through the Gospel of John highlighting all of the water imagery and explaining its significance.

How does Paul frame salvation in the book of Romans, and what do ethnicity and the historical circumstances of the 1st century have to do with it? See this Seven Minute Seminary by Dr. Craig Keener.

"What God has done in Christ has brought forth a community of believers who live in holiness and sanctification before God and have a mission to accomplish." | Dr. Fred Long explores the nature of the letter of Ephesians and how its political theology is subversive to other realities, both then and now.

If you're studying the Gospel of Mark, you will want to watch this week's Seven Minute Seminary. Dr. Joseph R. Dongell gives an overview of the book and highlights the main theme.     

There have been predictions that 2012 is the year the world will end. The return of Jesus is the hope of the Church and no book deals this truth more expansively than the book of Revelation. We'll share with you two ways that the Church can reclaim Revelation.