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The Lord displays his love to us through his kindness and through his discipline.

How do we bridge the chasm between having a high reverence for the Bible and struggling with its meaning and appropriation in our lives? Listen in as Michael Halcomb leads us on a journey of understanding how to interpret the Bible.

Christopher Peters claims that the most frequently asked question he receives is, “What about the Old Testament?” In today's article, he sets out to reveal the continuity between the two testaments, and how both show a holistic picture of a loving but holy God.

Give Me That Book! A Primer for the Practice of Inductive Bible Study is a new ebook by T. Michael W. Halcomb that guides a person through moving from the biblical text all the way through to sermon preparation. Enjoy the introduction to the book in today's post.

Those who no longer participate in the pleasures of this world may suffer for that choice, but God will vindicate them.

Was Rebekah a good or bad character in the Bible, especially in light of her deceitfulness? In this video, Dr. Craig Keener explains that considering especially God's revelation to her regarding Jacob's assumption of the birthright, on the whole, Rebekah should be understood as a positive character.
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How should Christians read the Psalms? In this video, Dr. Brent A. Strawn reminds us to slow down, observe features like parallelism, metaphor and imagery, and remember that each psalm is only a snapshot view of God and the world. By respecting their genre as poetry, we may be able to engage this spiritual resource in a richer way.

The gods were personified sources of power that reflected the breadth of humanity, including its best and more often its worst attributes.

There have been predictions that 2012 is the year the world will end. The return of Jesus is the hope of the Church and no book deals this truth more expansively than the book of Revelation. We'll share with you two ways that the Church can reclaim Revelation.

Listen in on Steve Martyn and Ken Collins as they host a series preaching through John Wesley's sermons, arranged topically according to the Order of Salvation. This week, enjoy Original Sin (Genesis 6:5). Check back every Sunday for a new sermon.