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We live and produce divine fruit only because of our attachment to him, but it is through us that his fruit is picked by the world.

The Lord displays his love to us through his kindness and through his discipline.

While human ancestry matters, what matters more is being born of God.

How should Christians relate to the Old Testament? In this video interview, Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington instruct us to appropriate the Old Testament through the ethical lens of the New Testament.

Battles between “Science and Religion” and “Atheism and Faith” continue in academia and general culture. In this debate, Dr. Michael Ruse and Dr. Michael Peterson debate the issues at the level of worldview explanation.

The key to understanding Jesus is recognizing his unique relationship with his Father.

In this strategic story we all learn that nationalism born of theocracy in the Mosaic covenant is not all there is to God’s larger plan.

Jesus asked that God would glorify him in the last hour so that he could finish his task of glorifying God on earth by completing the work God had given him.

God appoints people to serve as stewards of creation and outlines foundational instructions for His chosen people for handling money in the Old Testament.

So what does Yahweh say to these discouraged, disillusioned, defeated, sinful people? Read more from John Oswalt as he introduces an important section in the book of Isaiah.