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God does not ask us to do what he himself has not already done. God has given us the resources to love.

The gods were personified sources of power that reflected the breadth of humanity, including its best and more often its worst attributes.

As Creator, the Lord serves as eternal guardian over all aspects of our lives.

When we are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, we can find hope in the Lord’s steadfast love and forgiveness.

We prepare ourselves for an abundant future with God by expressing gratitude for how he has worked in our lives in the past.

When sin rules in human affairs, God’s justice is not to be found—which is why he stepped in to make things right.

God will not allow us to bask in some warm, fuzzy glow that does not face reality. If we choose to live without God, his shalom is an impossibility.

We are well-connected to God: we all have the Father, the Son, and the Spirit dwelling within us.

God approves of Jesus, and we should follow after him. This power assists us to carry out God’s purpose and mission in the world.

Paul recognizes that the gospel makes possible a reconciliation that heals the disastrous effects of the fall.