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Future bodily resurrection transforms grief from despair to hope.

Paul worked hard to preserve the unity of the church without sacrificing the truth of the gospel.

The main lesson we learn from the warning about the Lawless One: Watch out for counterfeit gods.

Dying with Christ, we die to the world’s power to order our lives. We are free to become fully God’s new creation.

Christian community should be characterized by self-giving love, even in difficult circumstances.

God’s kingdom spreads when believers live in a manner worthy of imitation.

God calls and empowers us to tell others about Jesus.

Jesus has taken Peter through the whole recommissioning process, and it was emotional.

Christ has not accomplished the full purpose of his death for us until he has come alive within us and through us by the Holy Spirit.

Only the apostolic gospel that faithfully preserves God’s invitation, issued on God’s terms, has the power to lead us to life.