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God approves of Jesus, and we should follow after him. This power assists us to carry out God’s purpose and mission in the world.

Paul recognizes that the gospel makes possible a reconciliation that heals the disastrous effects of the fall.

The gospel calls all of God’s people to engage in acts of witness to the surrounding world.

Peter denied Jesus by a charcoal fire, and he will be restored beside one.

Mary had returned to the tomb with the male disciples, but she did not leave like them. She lingered at the tomb, weeping and mourning.

As Creator and Sustainer of the universe, God is the only true King.

When Jesus enters Jerusalem during Passover, it appears he is following a prophetic script to reveal who he is and what his intentions are.

Worship is the central act of the people of God in response to his majestic and loving rule. It serves as a witness and invitation to the nations.

In seasons of hardship, the eternal God is our hope and the source of renewal for an abundant future.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus reenact and fulfill the Old Testament story.