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God makes us like Jesus and then uses us to build his temple.

The Lord displays his love to us through his kindness and through his discipline.

The Lord desires our private affections over our public performances.

In a new book, David Bauer introduces us to Jesus as presented in the Gospel of Matthew with brilliant scholarship and passion.

If God could accept a criminal on the cross, God can readily accept us whatever our imperfections or wrongdoing.

In examining the Lord's Prayer, we learn that prayer begins with God, not with us or with our needs.

How society has taught us to categorize, limit, and relate to one another must have no force among those who are “in Christ.”

Jesus is being anointed by the Holy Spirit in a way that makes sense because of what we know from the Old Testament.

In the midst of Paul’s missionary journey, we find out a lot about God’s guidance in Paul’s life and in the life of the church in Antioch which commissioned and sent out Paul and Barnabus.

We have to understand that crisis and process are both important for good Christian maturity. We need both the crisis events and the ongoing process.