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Harper Lee's newly published book, Go Set a Watchman, has been the topic of many reviews. Some applaud this sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird, and some bemoan the fact that it is not as good as Lee's first book. However, there is much to be learned and much to challenge our inner selves in this novel.

Most musicians would claim to write music that is for the soul—but what might it mean for a Christian artist who aims to specifically heal wounds, restore persons, and offer peace through their music? Read today's interview with Steven Siler about his music ministry for hurting people.

What’s so important about cultural discernment? In today's article, Benjamin Videtich sensitively works through two common approaches related to cultural engagement. Both are expressed by Jesus in his own life and ministry, but usually Christians will resonate with one over the other.

In this proposal for a new "job description" for worship leaders, Nathan Smith argues that the goal of corporate worship should be to remind the people of God of the story of God’s redemption through Christ, which should make the Christian Worship Leader the best storytellers.

Obvious Child, a movie about an aspiring comedian with an unwanted pregnancy, lays bare the logic behind abortion. Philip Tallon offers a review which picks up on the pro-abortion political perspective of the movie, while suggesting that there is at least a subtle awareness of the dark implications of this position.

Worship pastor Drew Causey shares 5 of his favorite modern hymn artists and arrangements, arguing that the depth of writing in the hymnody of the Church is something people love (and desire), and when style of music can become a means to this end, the Church only benefits.

Poetry and pulpits need a reunion, or so says David Hatton. Why? Because the Bible is full of good poetry, and the Incarnation is, in a sense, the great Poem of God. But knowing some of the critical elements for writing “good poetry” may help in selecting poetry to share from the pulpit. Here are 3 elements of good poetry to help you make selections for sermons.

Wesleyans, ideally, pursue a balanced faith and life – valuing both logical thought and emotive experience. A community thirsts in many ways, and people are poor in more ways than a need literal food, clothing, and shelter. The giftings of our entire community are needed to fulfill Christ’s call, and to contribute to the welfare of each person.

Michael Hawn, a professor of church music at Perkins School of Theology, uses two basic categories when speaking about music in the church: cyclical and sequential. Modern worship music has morphed into a form somewhere between the two.

When charismatic worship moved into mainline churches, in many cases it left behind the theology out of which in came, creating dissonance. And for those unwilling to ask questions, this dissonance was magnified. When encountering the unfamiliar, the chaotic or vague, ridicule emerges as a primary coping tactic.

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