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Do you have a man cave in your home? Christopher Peters shares why you might want to do some remodeling!

We are seeing a resurgence in the use of visual arts in worship. Shannon Sigler shares some tips for incorporating it into your service.

Have you ever wondered whether it was a good idea to have entertainment that is overtly Christian? Chris McCreary shares some thoughts about the upcoming movie sequel, God's Not Dead 2 and what it means for both Christians and non-Christians.

Marina Warner has written an intriguing book, Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale (Oxford: 2014, 201 pp.). The book plunges...

Reading keeps our minds sharp and helps us stay current in our understanding of our mission. Shannon Sigler shares some recommended reading for worship, culture, and the arts.

Kathy Milans discusses whether imagination is inherently evil or can be used for good.

When charismatic worship moved into mainline churches, in many cases it left behind the theology out of which in came, creating dissonance. And for those unwilling to ask questions, this dissonance was magnified. When encountering the unfamiliar, the chaotic or vague, ridicule emerges as a primary coping tactic.

Joel Mooneyhan shares what his craft has taught him about using art as a form of outreach.

The Shack’s success as a best-selling novel a decade ago from William P. Young virtually guaranteed an eventual film adaptation. Just as the book...

Poetry and fiction, like all the arts, are a way of perceiving and of understanding the world.  Good writing is as positive a search...

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