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Apologetics can mature the faith of Christians or encourage Christians struggling with doubt. They may even lead a skeptic to be more receptive to the gospel. In this post, Andrew Dragos provides a list and summary of his 7 top books on apologetics.

Last week, the shrine that houses the traditional site of Jesus' burial was worked on for conservation efforts, and his alleged tomb site opened for the first time in centuries. Read these Seven Quick Facts about Jesus' tomb.

Have you ever been told that you are on the wrong side of history? Josh McNall explains that just because history goes to the victors doesn't mean the victors are right.

The month of Ramadan, a time of prayer and fasting for Muslims, lasts from June 28th - July 28 in 2014. Get up to speed on the basics of Islam with these 7 quick facts that will help you understand and connect with your Muslim neighbors.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker helps debunk this myth by pointing out that history is too complex for simple notions of history that posit a right and a wrong side.

How should we understand Genesis 2 in light of Genesis 1? What are the issues involved? Is Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 portraying the same event? Dr. Sandy Richter leads us in discussion on how to read Genesis 2.

In the 21st century, evangelism as we used to understand it likely won't have the same effect. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Arthur D. Jones as he makes the case for intellectual evangelism.
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In 2014 Ramadan ends on July 28—use this season as an opportunity to learn why Muslims fast and what points of connection you might share with them. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary with Matthew Friedman as he draws parallels between Muslim beliefs and Christianity.
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http://youtu.be/7hotJ7p0f9I Dr. Lawson Stone shares 7 points we must keep in mind when encountering violence in the Old Testament. View our growing playlist of Seven Minute...

The project known as the demythologization of Scripture was a great tragedy in the life of the church. Watch this video from David Watson.