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In 2015, the month of fasting for Muslims known as Ramadan begins today. What is a helpful posture to take toward our Muslims neighbors? Learn about this and more in this Seven Minute Seminary with Matthew Friedman.

The month of Ramadan, a time of prayer and fasting for Muslims, lasts from June 28th - July 28 in 2014. Get up to speed on the basics of Islam with these 7 quick facts that will help you understand and connect with your Muslim neighbors.

Same-sex marriage has quickly become the presenting moral issue that divides our culture. The US Supreme Court will soon offer a ruling on whether or not states can ban gay marriage. Read up on 7 facts related to gay marriage in today's article by Andrew Dragos.

Rev. Rob Renfroe is best known to United Methodists as president and publisher of Good News magazine. In The Trouble with Truth, he argues that the witness of the church is tethered to its ability to live out an “equal measure” of grace and truth. Guy Williams reviews his latest book here.

http://youtu.be/Qq-IfhdXDzg Dr. Richard Bauckham and Dr. Ben Witherington III discuss Jesus' divinity and how monotheism was conceived in the New Testament.

The rise of theological liberalism within Methodism and Protestant America cannot be understood apart from an understanding of the socio-economic changes that took place...

For those who have become disillusioned with Scripture, there remains hope for encountering God afresh. In today's video, Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington offer helpful tips for those seeking to reorient themselves with God's saving word.
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What is the resurrection and why does it matter for the Christian faith? Hear Dr. Ben Witherington share about its uniqueness and significance for every believer.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

What is Christian humanism, and should Christians adopt this perspective? In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. David Grubbs shares a compelling vision for human flourishing that is grounded in the gospel.

Battles between “Science and Religion” and “Atheism and Faith” continue in academia and general culture. In this debate, Dr. Michael Ruse and Dr. Michael Peterson debate the issues at the level of worldview explanation.