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Should Christians practice meditation as part of their spiritual practice? Winfield Bevins shares what kind of meditation Christians should be practicing, the Scriptural basis for such practices, and what benefits meditation holds for our souls.

There is something inherently rebellious about worship. Gary Ball explains why your presence in the worship service sends a strong statement to the prevailing winds of culture and society.

Do worship services just come together, or should we put some thought into their design? Watch this video interview with Marty Reardon as he discusses the four stages of a powerfully structured divine service.

In this video interview, Winfield Bevins and Dan Alger sit down to discuss both the positive contributions and the cultural barriers of planting a church in the Anglican tradition. They conclude that the richness of Anglicanism is fertile ground for missional work in 21st century America.

Sometimes liturgy can become just another thing we say because that is what we have always done. Anglican Collective shares the remedy that will bring the liturgy back to life for you and your congregation.

Rev. Dr. Tory Baucum, Rector of Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia, and one of the Six Preachers of Canterbury Cathedral, shares what Anglicanism is and what church life looks like.

Why do we have "the passing of the peace" incorporated into the worship service? Morgan Clark explains the great theological richness of this practice.

Listen in as Winfield Bevins interviews David Roseberry about church planting, mission, and living a balanced life of ministry

Why does it matter whether we sing the Psalms or just say them? Patrick Bourckel is here to teach us why it matters.

What is the term, Communion Sunday, all about? Why do we use it? Jason Nelson gives 10 great reasons why we should ditch it altogether, as well as a prescription for encountering a unique kind of grace each week.