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Sometimes faith takes a long time to prove true. This is often the case with many faith examples in the Bible.

Biblical singleness more closely aligns to the concept of “single-­minded focus” or “exclusivity of intent” or the “undivided life.”

A proper theology of the body embraces the sacredness and sanctity of all our embodied existence and sees the eternal significance in each day.

It's time to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord—to confess, renounce and return with all our hearts.

Once again, we are in a situation similar to Judges 2:10, “Moreover, that whole generation was gathered to their ancestors, and another generation grew...

The church should always be about cultivating communities of Jesus that are missional, contextual, formational, and ecclesial.

Early church Christians followed the teachings of Jesus. Their living, giving, serving, and loving resulted in the spread of the gospel across the ancient world.

The Christian traditions that will thrive in twenty-first century America will be those who take seriously their responsibility to instruct believers in the faith.

Revive us, Abba Tell the dead to try again Reshape us, Abba Point our pasts to where they end Respond to us, oh Lord We need to...