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Any Sunday, and Easter Sunday especially, is the most apt opportunity to preach the risen Jesus Christ, and to offer the opportunity for hearers to respond.

Miriam Swaffield introduces us to biblical holiness as God's gift and invitation to carry his transforming presence with us everywhere in the world.

Faithfulness to God within the purposes of God do not exempt us from life pain.

It is fitting that the tenth commandment brings the moral code of God right into the human heart—it's about inward desire not outward behavior.

Jesus is the anointed one who saves us from our sins precisely because he is the only-begotten son—and as such—is our Lord

Connect One of the biggest obstacles to people in coming to faith these days is the seeming gap that exists between science and the Bible....

In this strategic story we all learn that nationalism born of theocracy in the Mosaic covenant is not all there is to God’s larger plan.

Prevenient grace is the work of God's Spirit on human hearts to loosen sin's natural grip on us.

Just as Yahweh can command the sea to be quiet, he can whistle for Leviathan and Leviathan comes.