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Jack Deere shares healthy ways that a church can grow in the spiritual gifts.

Bible Verses on the Ascension (NIV) When you ascended on high, you took many captives; you received gifts from people, even from the rebellious— that...

Paul worked hard to preserve the unity of the church without sacrificing the truth of the gospel.

Social distancing, if handed over to God, may set your life trajectory in a new divine direction.

The main lesson we learn from the warning about the Lawless One: Watch out for counterfeit gods.

Dying with Christ, we die to the world’s power to order our lives. We are free to become fully God’s new creation.

When we come before God confident in the blood of his Son, he will often give us good things.

Calamity reveals instinct, and ours tells us that this continues to be a time for extraordinary prayer.

The reasons God heals are rooted in his character and eternal purposes.