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Degeneration is a gradual descent into spiritual boredom, complacency, and, ultimately, compromise.

Seedbed is pleased to offer a new resource that will help awaken slumbering, backsliding, or apathetic Christians from the stagnation that tends to confront all followers of Jesus at one point or another.

I find the nature of sacred space in the ancient world fascinating. In his classic work Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions, the exceptional...

Mark Ongley, author of the new Pure Hearted, answers questions about sexual struggles and his hope for this new resource.

Where God commands obedience, he provides grace to enable us. It simply takes longer for some than for others.

Maintaining purity of heart in a sex-saturated world is a challenge for all believers.

In this engaging work—Jesus the Stranger: The Man from Galilee and the Light of the World—Ken Collins invites the reader to see Jesus in...

In this video, Dr. Kevin Watson explains how the Methodist church was birthed as an awakening movement to call nominal Christians into the full breadth of life as a child of God.

In this video, Dr. Kevin Watson explains the vibrant early history of a group of people called Methodists, and compares that to the faith many have settled for in its place.