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In our ever-changing world, some time-tested and family-proven prayers can be just what we need to launch a life of deeper prayer in our families.
Holy Spirit Healing Miracle Jonathan's story

[youtube] Jonathan, a pastor from McDonough, GA, experienced healing he wasn’t expecting. One night at New Room in 2017, the speaker highlighted the freedom that...

William Arthur reminds us that the whole world cannot be brought to Christ by professional evangelists, occasional revivals, or even mass evangelism.

The King had proclaimed a pardon, and that proclamation must have effect—through Christ's Spirit.

Read the creed by William Arthur as he articulates a bold faith in the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

The instant effect of the descent of the Spirit on the first Gentile converts in the house of Cornelius was that they began to “magnify God.”

When sin rules in human affairs, God’s justice is not to be found—which is why he stepped in to make things right.

God will not allow us to bask in some warm, fuzzy glow that does not face reality. If we choose to live without God, his shalom is an impossibility.

Once we have listened to God and our community, this moves us into the loving and serving stage of a fresh expression.