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The good news is Scripture clearly and repeatedly speaks to God’s desire to do a great work in us.

Christians are not formed in isolation—the pursuit of holiness is a communal endeavor.

Rather than pursuing the purpose for which he was created, Satan tried to divert Jesus to pursue pleasure for its own sake—and he does the same with us.

In times of uncertainty and doubt, where do we focus our gaze? Do we look to God?

When Methodists have lowered their expectations of what God can do in this life, spiritual and numeric decline have followed.

It is time to retrieve and receive the grand depositum that God has so graciously given to us.

He said be And everything became so And in the amount of time it took for breath to pass through lips A universe boomed, and stars sparked,...

God is well pleased to give you the full measure of the Holy Spirit.

Spreading the kingdom of God means taking risks, crossing into enemy territory, and being bold and courageous.