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When Jesus enters Jerusalem during Passover, it appears he is following a prophetic script to reveal who he is and what his intentions are.

Worship is the central act of the people of God in response to his majestic and loving rule. It serves as a witness and invitation to the nations.

Futurefitting is about restructuring the local church to reflect the diverse singularity of the triune God for the purpose of local mission.
Xavier Brandon vertical church atl racial reconciliation

Xavier Brandon is a leader from Vertical Church ATL in Atlanta. This past year, at New Room Conference, he attended the racial reconciliation panel...

The church is called to profusely and generatively cast the seeds of God’s love into the world.

In seasons of hardship, the eternal God is our hope and the source of renewal for an abundant future.

Our suffering purges and cleanses us. Our advance extends the rule and reign of Christ.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus reenact and fulfill the Old Testament story.

The one who is beyond sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste has emptied Himself in his transcendence in one person of his triune being, the one who is called the Son.