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When they came to the place called Golgotha, they crucified Jesus, along with two revolutionaries: one on his right, the other on his left.

Jesus knew that the time had finally come—the hour when the Son of Man would be glorified.

The Pharisees tried to seize Jesus, as it seemed he was claiming to be divine and daring to speak of his own authority concerning the Law.

As seasoned fishermen, Jesus' disciples knew enough to be afraid. But where was Jesus?

I bind to myself to-day, The strong power of the invocation of the Trinity: The faith of the Trinity in the Unity The Creator of the elements. I...

The villagers received salvation because this woman had the courage to preach.

Preparing for the return of Christ involves sharing the gospel and helping those in need.

We must recognize that nothing we have is our own. It belongs to God and should be used in accordance with God’s will.

Sometimes faith takes a long time to prove true. This is often the case with many faith examples in the Bible.