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Christian pastors, leaders, teachers, and communicators should reorient themselves around some basic guidelines of ministering in Post-Christendom.

A litany for a new home: Heavenly Father, we pray that you would bless this house.

Here are some important things to ask ourselves as we minister to others in the area of prophecy.

Paul's instructions to the Corinthians on their use of spiritual gifts is surprising given their dysfunctional application of Spirit ministry.

Jesus had sparked such interest among the people that even the teachers of the law could not ignore him.

Jesus alone is the true light that illuminates all of humanity, whether he is celebrated or not, or even recognized or not.

This inspiring reading of Jesus sources its accounts from the Gospels, as it explores dimensions to his person with which we may be less familiar.

What would our local communities look like if every officer of our government played by the same rules, and those rules were God’s rules?

God has promised to weave every thread of our life experience into the tapestry of his plan.