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Here at the Anglican Collective, our mission is to resource the larger church with the richness and breadth of the Anglican tradition. As the church seeks to live in a contemporary context, we believe that the best way to embrace the future is to do something rather ancient. Reaching back into the history of the church, Anglicanism values liturgical worship, sacraments, and a distinctive tradition of spiritual formation. When these resources are combined with modern mission and ministry, Anglicanism represents a unique movement that welcomes both old and new. Our goal as a collective is to bring you the best of this beautiful and diverse tradition, from the prayers of ancient saints to the stories of people carrying out God’s mission today.

So who is the Anglican Collective for? The answer is everyone! Whether you have been worshiping in an Episcopal/Anglican church for your whole life, are interested in learning more about Anglicanism, or are simply looking for resources for you daily ministry, the Anglican Collective is for you. Our writers speak to a variety of topics, from spiritual formation to worship to their own personal journeys. We hope that these resources and stories will empower you within your own ministry and give you a taste of the Anglican way of following God.

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