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Jesus shattered the highest glass ceiling—the last ones standing at the bloody cross and the first ones landing at the empty tomb were women.

At the 2016 New Room Conference, our hosts gather around the microphones of two of our favorite people. We fired up the mics and let the Holy Spirit roll. What happened was a fascinating conversation about ministry.

Join Jeremy Steele as he talks with Carolyn Moore about women in ministry and the barriers they face in the Church.

Biblical Basis for Women's Service in the Church by N.T. Wright In this 12-minute video, Wright covers a breadth of issues relating to women in...

The question of a woman’s role in ministry is a pressing concern for today’s church. It is paramount first, because of our need for...

In this resource post, we are presenting some of the best resources for understanding and enriching the conversation about women in ministry.

This week's Best covers an array of links from around the web. Read some pieces from two of Asbury Theological Seminary's professors, the Republican presidential team, and a critique of Pat Robertson's recent comments on adoption.

Should women be in leadership positions in the Church? Today Dr. Ben Witherington III offers scriptural support for women in leadership. He explains the "problem passages" and offers a Wesleyan perspective on the topic.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Here is Dr. Ben Witherington giving us a biblical perspective on women’s roles in ministry and in the family. He explains women’s roles in...

If we neglect our families for the sake of our ministry, we are, in effect, abandoning our first ministry.

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