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Last at the cross and the first at the tomb, the women were the apostles to the apostles—the first preachers of the gospel. 

God is not only better than we think. He's better than we can possibly imagine.

The Kingdom comes in response to radical surrender to Jesus "in heaven," which is manifest through radical submission to each other "on Earth."

“Some women were watching from a distance, including Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joses, and Salome. When Jesus was in...

Should the church ordain women? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Ben Wayman responds to common objections that would limit ordination to men.

Who are the mothers of our faith? Ruth Tipton shares about the women who have preached the gospel faithfully over the course of history.

Do you wonder why some denominations ordain women and some do not? Kelly Soifer shares from the Free Methodist tradition.

In this video interview, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon sits down with Mark Benjamin and shares the stories of three women from the Wesleyan tradition that had deep impact on our movement.

Jesus shattered the highest glass ceiling—the last ones standing at the bloody cross and the first ones landing at the empty tomb were women.

What exactly is the greatest strength a woman has? Marilyn Elliott shares how much a woman can accomplish when her energy is focused where it really matters.