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How can we find that elusive balance in our lives in this new year? Michelle Marx reflects on living life with a full cup.

What can I do when my mind gets stuck asking the question, "Why?" Michelle Marx shares four steps to get you moving forward again.

How do you care for yourself without being selfish? Michelle Marx shares 5 helpful tips.

We are really good at tending to physical wounds most of the time. Michelle Marx shares why we need to tend well the wounds of the heart and soul.

Is your pastor's spouse on your heart? Michelle Marx shares 5 ways to encourage her today!

Being a clergy spouse can be incredibly difficult and lonely. Michelle Marx shares some great tips on some tangible things you can do to support your minister's family.

Vacations are for the weak! Right? Michelle Marx shares why vacations are important and gives us four tips to making our next vacation the best one yet!

What are the most important things we can learn over a lifetime? Michelle Marx shares what she learned from someone with a wealth of life experience.

What do you do when your heart is too heavy to sing? Michelle Marx discusses worship and how sometimes, it really is a sacrifice.

How do you set the stage for the rest of your day? Michelle Marx shares wisdom on getting started well.

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