3 Steps to Creating a Recovery Culture in Your Church


Recovery ministry is an important work of the local church as it extends hope and grace to people who may need it most. In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Carolyn Moore shares three tips on how to move your local church to having recovery as an integral part of your local church’s DNA and culture:

1. Include testimonies in your worship gatherings.
2. Celebrate points of victory publicly.
3. Anticipate and encourage those who relapse.

Are you interested in learning more about recovery? We have a host of video interviews from leading experts and practitioners that explore this area in depth:

Dr. Toddy Holeman interviews Dr. Kitty Harris: Part I and Part II.
Dr. Steve Stratton interviews Dr. Dale S. Ryan: Part I and Part II.
Dr. Chris Kiesling, Dr. Matthew Russell, Sean Gladding, Greg Taylor: full interview.

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Carolyn Moore is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. She was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia (B.A. – Religion, 1985) and Asbury Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity, 1998). In June of 2003, she was appointed home again to the Augusta area, where she and her family were given the joy of birthing Mosaic United Methodist Church. Mosaic focuses on reaching people in the margins. In more than ten years of weekly worship, Mosaic has seen more than 130 baptisms and hundreds of professions of faith. A satellite ministry serves adults with disabilities in downtown Augusta.