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Are your youth ready to put dreary winter behind them? Betsy Marvin can help you get them jazzed for spring with your own version of March Madness!

Are you looking for an event that will change the lives of your youth? Bill Culpepper suggests an intergenerational mission trip.

Need some game and lesson material for Christmas? Jeremy Steele shares some no-prep options for seasonal fun.

In our fast-paced culture, it is extremely difficult to live in the present moment and experience the fullness of what is happening in the now. Jeremy Steele shares wisdom about how Advent can help us live in the now this Christmas, and experience everything God has for us this year.

How do you get people to sign up early for trips and events? Caroline Hare shares some helpful tips.

How can we teach our children about poverty and hunger while actively doing something to address the problem? Scott Meier shares three activities that can help instill compassion and understanding in your youth.

Need a fresh game for your youth group to play? Betsy Marvin has you covered with Hunger Games Dodgeball!

Fun does not have to be separate from the spiritual. Ryan Pendergraph shares tips for games that will successfully contribute to your students' spiritual lives.

Ready for some fresh new games? These pool noodle games will keep your youth occupied for at least 5 minutes...we hope!

Got a group of youth with too much energy and no supplies to play a game? No sweat! Bill Culpepper shares a great game with no prep: Bird's Eye View.

Betsy Marvin shares another great game idea.

Summer can be a big time filled with lots of activities for a youth group. Kick off your summer activities with a lock-OUT instead of a lock-IN! Caroline Hare shows us how.

Every youth worker needs a few games in their pockets that don't require any preparation or materials. Get ready for the newest low-maintenance game that can be done at a moment's notice: Human Sculptures!

Want to learn how to appeal to the nerds in your youth group? Mike Rollins will show you how to tap into the nerd culture and really gain interest for your games!