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How can you help your students make a difference? Chasity Opphile shares ways to teach them how to fight human trafficking.

Need another new game to get the fidgets out of your students? Adam Jones shares a real winner with "Impossible Shot."

What's the best way to honor your high school seniors? Andrew Chappell has some suggestions.

Looking for some new games to help your students get their restless energy out? Chasity Opphile shares four new games.

Need a fresh new game to keep the wiggles out of your youth group? Adam Jones shares an idea: Karate Piñata!

Need a fresh new game to get the wiggles out of your students during youth group time? Caroline Hare shares a can't-miss game called Grog.

Do you wish you could engage your students in Scripture and faith a little more deeply? Andrew Chappell shares why a little heresy can get that conversation started!

Looking for the next game to wow your youth group? Get them engaged with Ryan Pendergraph's suggestion: a plastic wrap prize ball!

Looking for a unique way to introduce your confirmands to their church family? Ryan Pendergraph shares some basic guidelines and ideas to help you get started.

Are you looking for ideas to help your students really understand the message of Lent? Scott Meier has you covered!

We live in a fast-paced, high-stress world. Andrew Chappell shares a retreat that will help you step away and breathe.

Are your youth ready to put dreary winter behind them? Betsy Marvin can help you get them jazzed for spring with your own version of March Madness!

Are you looking for an event that will change the lives of your youth? Bill Culpepper suggests an intergenerational mission trip.

Need some game and lesson material for Christmas? Jeremy Steele shares some no-prep options for seasonal fun.