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Personal Devotions

Why do you do what you do? Ryan Pendergraph explains that your why is essential.

Chasity Opphile shares 6 ways you can be sure to keep your Sabbath, even in the midst of summer youth activities.

Every time our patience is tested, we have a choice. We can either choose to engage this bucket of fruit the Spirit provides in our lives, or we can kick the bucket over in a rage. Betsy Marvin encourages us to not kick the bucket!

What are you holding onto? What do you need to throw down in order for God to have room to work in your life? Betsy Marvin shares the value of surrendering everything you have to God.

Connection with other believers is vitally important in the lives of Christians. Eddie Erwin shares why your youth group needs bands and why you need one in your life, too.

It is hard to find a person you can trust and share your life with. It is even harder to say goodbye to that person. Paul Sheneman shares wisdom about beginning and ending a mentoring relationship.

We have all been asked some variation of the question, “Is your student ministry a success?” Our response can be more than, We have so much fun! We have so many great relationships.

Challenges are par for the course in a diverse church, figuring out how to form community and follow Jesus together. But mostly, I have found, there is a deep and rich joy that comes from unity in diversity. These challenges are worth it.

It's August, it's strategy time. It's that time of year when we look forward, plan curriculum, events, and trips. What if we took the time to evaluate our why and adjust accordingly before we start ministry this year?

We need to ask ourselves, “What is of critical importance that I should teach these precious youth in the few years I have with them?” There are many possible answers to this question.

Have you ever taken extended time to just “be” with God? What if you did?

I think that we all get to the point every now and then where we wonder what we are doing and if we are cut out for this big job God has called us to. How we respond in those moments is so important.

I recently read an essay from a United Methodist Bishop in which he used an African proverb involving elephants to speak deep truth into a difficult situation. It began an expedition to explore some more of these proverbs and how much wisdom they provided for youth ministry in the 21st century.

Carrying around a heavy heart is exhausting. Have you been there? Have you noticed that when we’re tired we make not-so-great decisions? We are more critical, and we can begin to blame others for what is really our own stuff? It isn’t moral failure or failing ministry; it’s exhaustion.