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Are you trying to find good songs for kids to sing? Emily Barlow shares some tips for choosing the best!

Do you want to include the children in your corporate worship, but are not sure how to best go about it? Adam Kurihara shares some solid tips on how to make them (and their parents) feel welcome.

Are you looking for a way to support and encourage creativity discipleship in the church? Uday Balasundaram shares with us about the Order of Bezalel.

Why does creativity in worship matter? Elizabeth Rhyno shares some helpful truths.

Have you struggled with taking your songwriting from the realm of private worship to the public sphere? Jenn Petersen provides some helpful tips for making the transition.

Does art have a place in worship? Michael Jarrell shares the basis for including it.

It can make a world of difference in your worship service to use various kinds of instruments. Daniel Rife tells us why.

Are you a worship leader? Have you ever considered taking a break and sitting in the congregation? Emily Vermilya shares why you should.

Are you afraid of hurting someone's feelings if you turn anyone down for the praise team? Matthew Sigler shares his experiences with auditions, good and bad.

What are the most crucial aspects of a worship service? Jonathan Powers shares wisdom to help them blend together like a symphony.

When planning worship and working on the daily grind of ministry, it is easy to become so focused on the task at hand that we forget about the main thing. Branden Petersen shares about keeping your focus on what is most important.

No matter if you love or hate social media, it is still a very present reality in our churches. Kory Pence shares how to work with social media rather than fighting against it and how to use it to help people worship.

What can Pokemon Go teach us about worship? Patrick Bourckel shares how the game can open your eyes to unseen realities.

What part of worship grabs your heart and makes your breath catch in your chest? Brian Rhea shares how the Doxology fills his heart with awe and wonder.

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