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Submitting Manuscripts and Proposals for Seedbed

Seedbed’s Approach to Publishing Development

Seedbed is often asked if we receive unsolicited manuscripts or proposals. Our answer is always yes. We believe that we should be receptive to what the Holy Spirit may be inspiring the members of the Seedbed family to write. So we are receptive to reviewing the projects that people send to us.

That said, Seedbed has become increasingly aware of what types of publications it can and will successfully release. After more than five years of publishing we have discovered our various areas of strength—those types of resources for which we have found a ready audience. It seems appropriate to share these findings in advance with prospective authors so they can determine if their writing fits one of our publication categories.

Areas of Publishing Interest

First and foremost, Seedbed is a resourcer of churches. The most successful items we publish are group study materials that are consumed by individuals and groups in churches.

Second, Seedbed publishes core Wesleyan and basic Christian teaching materials. We find that items like expanded catechisms or other practical or doctrinal teaching resources directed to a lay level of understanding have been received by our church customers.

Third, biblical resources and topical studies that are scripturally based are popular with our audience. Again, these most typically will be presented as group studies of eight sessions or less. All submitted resources will undertake careful evaluation by our reviewers to ensure biblical fidelity.

Fourth, practical resources that assist the church in its work such as books on church planting, congregational revitalization, theological integrity, youth or children’s ministry, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and so on.

Areas Seedbed Is Not Publishing

Seedbed, typically, is not releasing books that have a single individual as its audience. This includes Christian fiction, most devotional and inspirational books, children’s books, biographical stories, or other books directed to general audiences.

Seedbed is not an academic publisher. Academic and scholarly publishing is a specialization with highly specific requirements that are, generally speaking, not compatible with Seedbed’s lay audiences. Occasionally a project may have its origins as an academic work or thesis and can be modified into a lay oriented study, but this is typically the exception rather than the rule.

Seedbed is not a typical trade publisher. Our books are available on our bookstore, on, and through some other specialized partner relationships. On a request basis we gladly open trade accounts and sell books to retailers with standard discounts. Otherwise, we have declined to pursue the problem-ridden marketplace as our primary distribution strategy.

We hope this helps Seedbed’s prospective authors gain a better idea of the criteria we are using to review unsolicited manuscripts and proposals. We are humbled by the significant interest the Seedbed publishing program has created and are encouraged by the quality and substance of many of the works that have been sent to us for review. It’s often difficult to decline a well-drafted manuscript, but we know from experience that the match of intellectual property and publisher is a critical pairing. Most publishers know their market strengths and are quick to decline things they know will have difficulty resonating with their audience.

If after reviewing these guidelines you believe your manuscript should be considered by our editors, send it as a Word document or a PDF with a detailed cover letter to manuscriptsubmissions(at) In your cover letter please give a brief biographical statement about yourself, your reason for writing the book, and a clear description of the audience the book is directed toward. We attempt to respond within thirty days to manuscript submissions.

If you have questions about whether or not your project meets our criteria or you wish to check on a submitted manuscript you can email me at andrew.miller(at) I can be reached at 615-442-8582 if you have a specific question you would like to discuss. Seedbed’s mailing address is 415 Bridge Street, Franklin, TN 37064.

We hope this helps clarify Seedbed’s publishing vision. Thank you for your interest.