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Blessed is the man who does not walk within the wicked way; Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit where the scoffers stay.

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of earth together with rulers stand arraigned...

O Lord, how my foes have increased! How many rise up against me! They say, “There is no help in God, There’s no deliv’rance for his plea.”

God, answer when I call to You, for You are all my righteousness; Be gracious, Lord, and hear my prayer, O give me hope in my distress.

Give ear to my words, O Lord, my deep groaning don't ignore. Hear and heed my pleading prayer, as I come and seek Your care.

O Lord, in anger don’t rebuke, In wrath, don’t chide or turn from me. Have mercy, Lord, for I am faint, My very bones in agony.

O Lord, my God in You I refuge take, Save me from those who would pursue my life. Like a strong lion they would tear and shake, Leaving no help in all my painful strife.

Lord, our Lord, majestic is Thy name throughout the whole wide earth; You display and set Your splendor o’er the heav’ns which show Your worth.

I will give thanks to God with all my heart; Tell of Thy wonders, and exult in Thee. I will be glad, sing praise unto Thy Name, O, Lord Most High, I sing and worship Thee.

Why, Lord, do You stand far away in times of trial and pain? The wicked ones in arrogance afflict the weak for gain.

In God alone I refuge take; How can you say to me: “Look, how the wicked bend their bow – Now to your mountain flee!

Help us, O Lord, godly are gone, the faithful are no more; And everyone speaks flatt’ring lies, which from their lips do pour.

How long, Lord, will You forget me? How long will You hide Your face? How long, Lord, will this depression grip my soul in its embrace?

The fool has said within his heart, “I know there is no God.” He is corrupt, his deeds are vile; There’s no one who does good.

Who, Lord, may dwell within Your holy place? And live upon Your holy, righteous hill? The one whose walk is true, without disgrace, And whose right heart with holiness You fill.

Preserve me, O my God – I take refuge in Thee; I said to Yahweh, “You're my Lord; I have no good but Thee.”

Lord, hear my plea, attend my cry, unto my prayer give heed, My righteous plea does not from false, deceitful lips proceed.

I love you, O my Lord, my strength, my Rock and Fortress strong. My trust for my deliverance does to the Lord belong.

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the skies are declaring the work of His hands. For day after day they speak, pouring forth knowledge, and night after night is displayed their expanse.

O may the Lord give heed to you, when troubled days are nigh; And may the name of Jacob’s God protect you from on high.

O Lord, the king rejoices in your strength in which he lives. How great the joy which he does find in victories you give.

My God, my God, O why have You forsaken me, and why are You so far from saving me, while groaning words I cry?

The Lord’s my Shepherd; I have all I need; He makes me lie down in the pastures green. Beside still waters, He does gently lead, Restores my soul when I upon Him lean.

The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, The world and all those within its domains. He founded it on the great seas by His hand, Established it firm on the waters to stand.

As unto You I lift my soul, O Lord, I trust in Thee; but let me not be put to shame, nor foes gloat over me.

Lord, vindicate me, for I’ve walked in my integrity; For I have led a blameless life, I’ve trusted, Lord, in Thee.

The Lord’s my light and salvation – of whom, then, shall I be afraid? The Lord’s the stronghold of my life; whom shall I fear when on Him stayed?

To you I call, O Lord my Rock; don't turn your ear from me, for if You're silent, then like those within the pit I'll be.

Ascribe to the Lord, all you ones of great might. Ascribe to Him glory and strength in your sight. Ascribe to Him glory, do His Name adore; In splendor of holiness, worship the Lord.

I will exalt You, O my Lord, for You have lifted me out of the depths; did not let my foes gloat over me.

In You, O Lord, I refuge take, let me be never put to shame; and in your righteousness, O Lord, deliver me—I trust Your name.

Blessed is the man whose sin is covered over by the Lord; whose transgressions are forgiven, whose guilt God does not record.

Sing unto the Lord, all you righteous most joyful, For fitting it is for the upright to praise. With harp and with lyre, come make music before Him; sing new songs, play skillfully, joyous shouts raise.

All of my days I'll bless and praise the Lord; His praise will ever be within my mouth. Boast, O my soul, extol the living Lord; let all the humble hear it and be glad.

Contend, O Lord, with those who do contend with me; and fight against all those arrayed who battle against me.

An oracle speaks deep within the heart of wicked man. No fear of God before his eyes – in sinfulness he stands.

Don’t fret because of evil men; of wicked ones, don't env'ous be; for they, like grass, will fade away; like plants they’ll wilt and die quickly.

Lord, don't rebuke me in Your wrath, in anger don't chide me; Your arrows pierce me and Your hand is heavy upon me.

I said, “I will watch all my ways, and keep my tongue from sin; I’ll put a muzzle on my mouth while with such wicked men.”

I waited for the Lord my God; I waited patiently; and He in mercy heard my cry; inclined His ear to me.

How blessed is the one who loves the helpless and the weak; the Lord delivers and protects that one when troubles peak.

As the deer pants for water clear, so my soul thirsts for You; my soul thirsts for the living God; when can I meet with You?

O vindicate and plead my cause, O God, against the foe; Come rescue me from wicked men, a nation vile and low.

O God, we have heard what our fathers have told, what You did in their days, days glor'ous of old.

My heart brings forth a noble theme, and words I do recite about the King; my tongue’s a pen of one that well does write.

God is our refuge and our strength, in trouble He’s our aid; Therefore, although the earth be moved, we will not be afraid [...]

O clap your hands, you nations all, and shout with joyful mirth! How awesome is the Lord Most High; great King o’er all the earth!

O great is the Lord; most worthy of praise on His holy mount, in His city raised. Its beauty in loftiness, joy of the earth – Mt. Zion, the city whose King gives its worth.

Hear this, all people, and give ear, all in the world that dwell; Both low and high, both rich and poor; My mouth shall wisdom tell [...]

The mighty One who’s God and Lord speaks to all earth around; He summons all from rising sun to where the sun goes down.

From Your unfailing love, O God, have mercy upon me; blot out transgressions, cleanse from sin, purge my iniquity.

Why do you boast, O mighty man, of evil and of ill? The cov’nant love of God endures, and it forever will.

The fool says in his heart, "There is not any God." They are corrupt; their deeds are vile; there's no one who does good.

Save me, O God, by Your great Name; In might, defend my cause. O hear my prayer, and listen, God, My mouth upon You calls.

Listen to my prayer, O God, and do not ignore my plea; hear and answer, for my thoughts do dismay and trouble me...

Be merciful to me, O God, for vile men pursue me; all through the day they come at me, strongly attacking me.

Be gracious unto me, O God, be merciful to me; My soul takes refuge, Lord, within the shadow of Your wings.

You rulers, do you speak what’s just, and judge right among men? No, in your heart’s unrighteousness; violence is in your hand.

Deliver me, O God, from those that are my enemies; protect me from all those who do rise up to threaten me.

O God, You have rejected us, and scattered us abroad; You have been very angry, but return to us, O God.

Hear my cry, O God my Savior, listen to my prayer below; from the ends of earth I call You, as my heart grows faint and low.

My soul in silence waits for God; salvation comes from Him; He only is my rock and tow’r; I shall not be shaken.

O God, my God, I’ll early seek: my soul does thirst for Thee; My flesh longs in a dry parched land, wherein no waters be.

O hear me, my God, as I cry unto You, protect me from threats which the wicked will do. O hide me when enemies seek to do wrong, and shelter me safe from the plots of the strong.

Silence and praise wait for You, O my God; Await in Zion where the vows are paid; O, Lord who hears the prayers that we do pray, To You all flesh will come with off’rings made.

All lands to God with joyful shouts, aloud your voices raise; Sing forth the honor of His name, and glorious make His praise.

May God be gracious to us, and bless us from above, Make His face shine upon us, with all His cov’nant love [...]

Let God arise, and scattered far let all His en’mies be; And let His foes that do Him hate before His presence flee.

Save me, O God, for waters have engulfed me like a flood; there is no foothold as I sink in miry depths, O God.

O God, deliver me; O Lord, make haste – help me! Let those ashamed and humbled be who seek my life wrongly.

In You, O Lord, I refuge take; let me not be ashamed; Deliver me in righteousness by which You, Lord, are named.

O Lord, Your judgments give the king; His son Your righteousness; With right he shall Your people judge; Your poor their ills, redress.

Surely God is good to Isr’el, to those who are pure in heart; As for me, my feet had slipped, my foothold nearly fell apart.

O God, why have You now rejected us? Why does Your anger burn against Your sheep? You purchased us – Your own inheritance; recall Your people, and Mt. Zion keep.

We give thanks to You, O God, We give thanks – Your Name is near. Men tell of Your wondrous deeds, Deeds which all will someday hear.

In Judah God is known; great name in Israel; His tent is in Jerusalem; in Zion He does dwell. For there He broke the spears; the flashing arrows bright; The swords and shields, the weapons all of war by His great might.

I cried out to my God for help; I cried for God to hear; when in distress, I sought the Lord, no comfort was found near.

O come, my people, to my law; attentively give ear; The words that from my mouth proceed, incline yourselves to hear.

The nations have invaded Your heritage, O God; they have defiled Your temple; Jerus’lem's now but sod.

Hear us, O King of Israel, who shepherds Joseph very well; And like a flock You care for him, enthroned between the cherubim.

Sing out with joy to God our strength, to Jacob's God come sing; Take up a psalm, with tambourine; the harp and psalt'ry bring.

God takes His stand and judges in the midst of "gods" justly: How long will you unjustly judge; show partiality?

O my God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, be not still! For Your foes do make an uproar, rear their heads against Your will.

How lovely is Your dwelling place, Almighty God and Lord! For my soul yearns and even faints to be within Your courts!

Lord, You showed Your land Your favor and restored captivity and restored captivity. You did cover all our sin and did forgive iniquity.

Hear me, O Lord, and answer me; I'm poor and in great need; come, guard my life; You are my God – Save me! I trust in Thee.

He has set His own foundation on the holy mount of God; The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than Jacob's vast abodes [...]

O Lord God, the God who saves me, day and night I cry to You. Turn Your ear to hear my anguish; may my prayer come before You.

I will sing His love forever, with my mouth I’ll make Him known; Faithfulness which leaves us never; His love is upon the throne!

Lord, You have been our dwelling place, through generations all; from age to age, our hiding place; our refuge whom we call.

Who with God Most High finds shelter; In th'Almighty's shadow hides; To the Lord I'll say, "My Refuge"; In my God, my trust abides.

To render thanks unto the Lord; it is a goodly thing; And to Your name, O Lord Most High, with music to You sing.

The Lord reigns, and He is robed in majesty and strength divine; He has armed Himself with strength and does with splendor fully shine [...]

O Lord God, unto whom alone all vengeance does belong; O God who does avenge, shine forth, and do avenge all wrong.

Come, let us sing for joy unto the Lord; Shout to the Rock of our salvation sure. Come with thanksgiving, who to God belong, Shout joyfully to Him with grateful song.

O sing to the Lord, a new song now sing; O sing to the Lord, all earth your praise bring. O sing to the Lord and give praise to His Name, And each day salvation which He wrought proclaim.

The Lord reigns, let earth be glad, and let the distant shores rejoice; Clouds and darkness do surround Him; righteousness in Him finds voice.

O sing to God a joyful song, For He has done great things; His right hand and His holy arm great saving pow’r do bring.

The Lord God reigns – let nations shake! He is with might arraigned. Enthroned between the cherubim - Earth, tremble at His reign.

Shout joyfully unto the Lord; Let all the earth now sing! Come worship; serve with gladsome heart, Your songs before Him bring.

I will sing Your love and justice; to You, Lord, I will sing praise; I'll be careful to be blameless; When will You, Lord, fill my days?

O hear my prayer, Lord, let my cry for help and mercy come to You; when I am faint and in distress, don't hide Your face – keep me in view.

Bless the Lord, my soul, let all that is within me bless His Name. Bless the Lord, my soul, forget not all His mercies to proclaim.

My soul, bless the Lord! Lord God, You are great! With honor arrayed, majestic in state; You cover yourself with a garment of light, And stretch out the sky as a curtain by night.

O thank the Lord; on His name call; His deeds tell peoples all; O sing to Him, sing psalms to Him, His wonders all recall.

O praise the Lord! O thank the Lord, for bountiful is He; Because His lovingkindness lasts through all eternity.

O praise the Lord, for He is good; His mercies still endure; Thus say the ransomed of the Lord, from all their foes secure.

My heart, O God, is steadfast; before You, Lord and King; To You I will make music; with all my soul, I'll sing.

O God, the One I ever praise, O do not silent be; for wicked and deceitful men do mock and slander me.

The Lord said to my Lord, "Sit at My right hand; until all your enemies no more can stand.

All praise to God with all my heart, Bring thanks assembled ones! Come, gather all you upright ones Delight in God your king!

All praise to the Lord Almighty, Bless'd are those who fear His name. Come and revel in His statutes, Delight in His righteous fame!

Praise the Lord, sing Hallelujah! Praise, O servants of the Lord; Praise His Name, and blessed be His Name both now and evermore.

When Isr'el out of Egypt came from those they dwelt among; When Jacob's house went out from those that were of foreign tongue [...}

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name glory be; Because of Your lovingkindness, and Your truth shown faithfully.

I love God because He hears the supplication of my voice; He has turned His ear to me, and so I’ll trust Him and rejoice.

Praise give the Lord, you nations all, All peoples, praise now bring; Extol the Lord, you peoples all, Laud Him, your Lord and King!

O praise the Lord, for He is good; His love endures always; let those of Israel now say, "His love endures always."

Blessed are the pure in heart; Those who never disobey; Never from their Lord depart, never leave His perfect way.

I call the Lord in my distress and He does answer me. O save me, Lord, from lying lips and tongues that speak deceit.

I lift my eyes up to the hills – Where does my help find birth? My help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.

I was so glad when they said unto me, "Come, let's go to the house of God the Lord." Our feet are standing here within your gates, O bless'd Jerusalem, of God adored.

To You alone I lift my eyes, To You enthroned in heav'n; As eyes of servants to their lord, So my gaze will be giv'n.

If the Lord had not been with us – O, let Israel now say; if the Lord had not been with us, when we were amidst the fray.

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mt. Zion’s hill which can’t be shaken, but endures forever firmly still.

When the Lord brought back to Zion captives from the exile land; We were like those who were dreaming, Those restored to health again.

Unless the Lord does build the house, The builders work in vain; Unless the Lord the city guards, The watchmen guard in vain.

Bless'd are all those who fear the Lord, Who walk within His ways; You'll eat the fruit of all your work, And bless'd will be your days.

They have oppressed me from my youth, Let Isr'el say to all; They have oppressed me from my youth, Yet, have no vict’ry call!

Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord, now hear my voice! Let Your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy voiced.

O Lord, my heart’s not proud, Nor haughty are my eyes; I don’t chase after matters great or things for me too wise.

O Lord, remember David and all he did endure; He made a vow unto You, an oath to God he swore [...]

How good it is, and pleasant, too, A witness pure and right; When brothers live in unity, Together in delight.

Bless the Lord, all you His servants, All you servants of the Lord; You who serve by night within the sanctuary of the Lord.

Praise the Lord, O praise His Name, yes, praise Him, servants of the Lord; You who stand within His house, and in His courts, O praise the Lord.

O praise the Lord, for He is good; His cov'nant love forever lasts; Give thanks to Him, the God of gods; His cov'nant love forever lasts.

By rivers of cruel Babylon, there we sat down and wept; when we remembered you, Zion, our home we'll not forget.

I'll praise You, Lord, with all my heart; before the "gods" I'll praise impart; I'll bow down toward Your Holy Place, and praise Your name for love and grace.

O Lord, You've searched and You've known me, know when I sit and rise; And You perceive my thoughts from far, e'en to the farthest skies.

Rescue me, O Lord, from evil, violent men—O protect me! They devise plans in their hearts and stir up evil constantly.

O Lord, I call upon You; hear and quickly come to me; Give ear to my voice when I call, and hearken to my plea.

I cry to the Lord Most High, lift my voice with plaintive cry; pour out my complaint to Him, tell the trouble I am in...

All praise unto the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war; My fingers are well trained because the battle does endure.

All my life I will extol You; bless Your name, my God and King; Blessing daily bring before You, and Your praise forever sing.

Praise the Lord, O my soul, praise Him; to the Lord your praises give; I will praise Him my whole life; sing praise to God long as I live.

How good it is to sing our praise to God the Lord Most High! How pleasant and how fitting when we praise Him in reply.

Praise the Lord! Praise from the heavens; praise Him in the heights above! Praise Him, all his angels, praise Him; all His hosts who know His love.

O praise the Lord, all people, a new song let us sing; His praise in the assembly of saints let us now bring [...]

O praise the Lord, praise God within His sanctuary – praise! Praise Him throughout His mighty heav'n; His praise forever raise!