Psalm 90

Julie Tennent

1Lord, You have been our dwelling place, through generations all;
From age to age, our hiding place; our refuge whom we call.

2Before the mountains came to be, or earth sprang from Your word;
From everlasting to all time, You are the only God.

3You turn men back to dust and say, “Return, O sons of men”;
For dust we are, to dust return; we go to dust again.

4A thousand years are merely like a day within Your sight;
A day soon gone, or like a watch that passes in the night.

5We’re swept away as in death’s sleep; like new grass in the morn;
6Though it sprouts up with morning light, by dusk it’s dry and worn.

7For by Your anger we’re consumed; in terror at Your wrath;
8You’ve set our sins before You, and Your light reveals their path. 

9Our days pass quickly in Your wrath; years like a sigh are past;
10Our length of days are seventy, or eighty if strength last.

And yet their span’s with trouble filled, and sorrow marks our way;
Days quickly pass and soon are gone; and we just fly away.

11Who knows the power of Your wrath? It’s great as fear You’re due!
12Teach us to number right our days and gain Your wisdom true.

13Relent, O Lord! How long till You have mercy on Your saints?
14Come satisfy us in the morn with love that never faints.

Then we will sing for joy, and will be glad for all our days;
15O make us glad as many days as we’ve known troubled ways.

16May Your deeds and Your works be shown unto Your servants all;
Your splendor to their children and to those who on You call.

17May God’s good favor rest on us; our work before Him stand.
Yes, Lord our God, establish firm the work of our own hands.


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!