Psalm 88

(87.87) D
Julie Tennent

1Lord God, the God who saves me, day and night I cry to You.
2Turn Your ear to hear my anguish; may my prayer come before You.

3For my soul is full of trouble, and my life draws near the grave;
4I’m like those who lose all strength and sink to pits where none can save.

5I am counted with the dying, like the dead already there; 
Not remembered, even by You; fully cut off from Your care.

6You have put me in the depths, and in the lowest pit I’m cast;
7Your wrath lies like weight upon me, with Your waves, I’m drowned at last.

8You have taken close friends from me, made me be abhorred by them; 
I am trapped, cannot escape and with much grief my eyes are dim.

9Yet I daily call to You, Lord; I spread out my hands to You;
10Do You show the dead your wonders? Do the dead rise and praise You?

11Is Your love declared in death, or in destruction, is faith found?
12Are Your wonders known in darkness, or Your praise where there’s no sound?

13Still I cry to You for help, Lord; in the morning my prayers rise;
14Why, O Lord, do You reject me, hide Your face from my worn eyes?

15From my youth, I’ve been afflicted, close to death and in despair;
16And Your wrath has swept around me, terrors kept me from Your care.

17All day long those fears surround me, and engulf me without end;
18You take friends and loved ones from me; darkness is my closest friend.


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!