Psalm 82

CM (86.86)
Julie Tennent

1God takes His stand and judges in the midst of “gods” justly:
2“How long will you unjustly judge; show partiality?

3“Defend and vindicate the weak, those who are fatherless;
Maintain the rights of those in need, and those who are oppressed.

4“Rescue the weak and needy ones, for they need help to stand;
Deliver them from the strong grip of evil, wicked hands.”

5They do not know nor understand; in darkness walk about;
So the foundations of the earth are shaken all throughout.

6I said, “You’re gods – you are all sons of God the Lord Most High;
7Yet you will die as mortal men; fall like each ruler dies.”

8Arise, O God, and judge the earth – You’re over nations all;
They are Your own inheritance, and You possess them all.


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