Psalm 59

C.M. (86.86) D
Julie Tennent

1Deliver me, O God, from those that are my enemies; 
Protect me from all those who do rise up to threaten me.
2Deliver me from wicked ones who do evil again;
And save me from the wickedness of those bloodthirsty men.

3See how they lie in wait for me! They fiercely do combine 
against me, Lord; they do conspire for no offense of mine.
4I’ve done no wrong, yet they in wait are ready to seize me; 
Arise to help me, Lord my God, look on my plight and see!

5Awake, Almighty Lord of hosts, O God of Israel, 
Arouse Yourself to punish all that wickedly rebel.
6At ev’ning they go to and fro; they make great noise and sound; 
They snarl like dogs and prowl about the city all around.

7See what they spew out from their mouths; for in their lips are swords; 
And they say, “Who can possibly hear any of our words?”
8But You, O Lord will laugh at them, and at the nations scoff;
9My strength, I’ll watch and wait for You, my fortress and my rock.

10My loving God goes before me; He’ll let me gloat and see 
the end of all those wicked ones, who mock and slander me.
11But do not kill them, Lord, our shield, or people will forget; 
By Thy strong power bring them down, and make them wander yet.

12And for the sins which their mouths speak, the words their lips let fly,
Let them be caught in their own pride, because they curse and lie.
13Consume them in your wrath, O Lord; consume till they’re no more. 
It will be known to ends of earth that Jacob’s God is Lord.

14At ev’ning they go to and fro; they make great noise and sound; 
They snarl like dogs, and prowl about the city all around.
15They wander, searching for their food; and if not satisfied,
They howl like dogs and prowl around, and don’t care how they’ve lied.

16But I’ll sing of Your strength, O God; at dawn Your love I’ll praise; 
For You’re my fortress, refuge, and my tow’r in troubled days.
17O God, You are my strength, and I sing praises unto You; 
O God, You are my fortress, full of lovingkindness true.


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!