Psalm 45

CM (86.86)
Portions adapted by Julie Tennent from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter

1My heart brings forth a noble theme, and words I do recite
about the King; my tongue’s a pen of one that well does write.

2You are most excellent of men; your lips hold a vast store
of grace infused; thus, God has blessed your life for evermore.

3Take up your sword, O mighty one; your sword upon your side;
And clothe yourself with majesty, with splendor to abide.

4For meekness, truth and righteousness, ride forth victoriously.
And your right hand shall show to all your deeds that awesome be.

5Your arrows sharply pierce the hearts of en’mies of the King;
Let nations fall beneath your feet – all peoples there do bring.

6For ever and forever is Your throne, O God of might;
The scepter of Your kingdom is a scepter that is right.

7You love the right and hate what’s wrong, so God, your God set you
above your friends, anointed you with oil of gladness, too.

8Your robes the smell of aloe, myrrh, and cassia all had;
From palaces of ivory, string music made you glad.

9Among your honored women are kings’ daughters well at hand;
Upon your right hand does the bride in gold of Ophir stand.

10O daughter, now consider well, and do your ear incline;
Forget those of your father’s house, and people that are Thine.

11The king adores your beauty and you honor him as lord;
12Tyre’s daughters come with gifts for you; rich men seek your accord.

13Behold, the daughter of the king all glorious is within;
And with embroideries of gold, her garments sewn have been.

14She shall be brought before the king in robes with needle wrought;
Her fellow-virgins following shall unto you be brought.

15They shall be brought with gladness great, and joy on ev’ry side;
Into the palace of the king, and there they shall abide.

16Your sons will take the place wherein your fathers once did stand;
And you will princes make them be, with pow’r throughout the land.

17I’ll cause your name from age to age, forever to endure.
Then all the nations will give thanks to you forevermore.