Psalm 34
Timothy Tennent

1All of my days I’ll bless and praise the Lord;
His praise will ever be within my mouth.
2Boast, O my soul, extol the living Lord;
Let all the humble hear it and be glad.

3Come, join with me to magnify the Lord.
Let us together praise His name on high!
4Daily I sought, the Lord has answered me,
And He from all my terrors set me free.

5Each one who looks to Him is not ashamed.
6For this poor man called; Yahweh heard and saved.
7God’s righteous angel constantly encamps
around those fearing Him and rescues them.

8Happy are they who taste the Lord’s goodness;
Bless’d is the man who trusts in Him alone.
9In fear of God, you saints, forever dwell;
For those who fear Him never suffer want.

10Join not the lions hungering for food;
But trust the Lord instead, and have no want.
11Know all you children, listen unto me;
And I will teach you how to fear the Lord.

12Love you long life and want to see good days?
13May your tongue keep from evil and all lies!
14Now from all evil flee, instead do good;
Seek peace and strive for it with heart and mind.

15Open are His eyes toward the righteous ones;
His ears attentive to their ev’ry cry.
16Proud, evil men, the Lord God does oppose;
Quickly He cuts their mem’ry from the earth.

17Righteous will cry out; He does hear their cry;
Saves them from all their troubles and distress.
18The Lord is close to ev’ry broken heart;
And He saves those who are in spirit crushed. 

19Under His care, the righteous still have trials,
Very assured is God’s deliverance;
20Well He protects their bones and does confess
not one of them will ever broken be.

21eXpect the wicked to be slayed by Him;
Yes, foes of righteous ones will be condemned.
22Zion’s true servants, Yahweh does redeem;
None be condemned who refuge take in Him.


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!