Psalm 26

C.M. (86.86)
Adapted by Julie Tennent from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter

1Lord, vindicate me, for I’ve walked in my integrity;
For I have led a blameless life, I’ve trusted, Lord, in Thee.

2Examine me, and try me, Lord; test heart and mind, O God;
3For Your love is before my eyes; Your truth’s the path I’ve trod.

4I don’t sit with deceitful ones, nor plan with hypocrites;
5I hate the evil gatherings; with wicked will not sit.

6I wash my hands in innocence, go to Your altar, Lord;
7Proclaim aloud Your praise and all Your wondrous deeds record.

8I love the house where you live, Lord – Your glory dwells within;
9Don’t take my soul away with those bloodthirsty ones who sin.

10For in their hands are wicked schemes, and bribes in their right hand;
11/2But I do lead a blameless life; on level ground I stand.

11/2Redeem me, and be merciful, to me Your grace accord;
And in the great assembly I will praise and bless the Lord.


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