Psalm 21

C.M. (86.86) D
Portions adapted by Julie Tennent from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter

1Lord, the king rejoices in your strength by which he lives.
How great the joy which he does find in victories you give.
2You’ve granted him his heart’s desire; requests his lips have said;
3You welcomed him with blessings, a gold crown upon his head.

4He asked for life – You gave to him forever length of days.
5You gave him vict’ries, glory great, and majesty and praise.
6You’ve granted him eternal joy, and You have made him glad
with all the joy Your presence gives; great blessing he has had!

7The king trusts in the Lord our God, in His unfailing love;
He’ll not be shaken, for he trusts in the Most High above.
8Your hand will seize all enemies; your right hand seize your foes;
9When you appear, they will be like a furnace fire of woes.

9bThe Lord will swallow them in wrath; His fire consume them all.
10You will destroy their offspring, their descendants one and all.
11Though they plot evil against You, devising wicked schemes;
They can’t succeed, for all they plot will vanish like vain dreams.

12For You will make them turn their backs, all those who are Your foes;
They’ll run when You make ready Your arrows and drawn bow.
13O be exalted in Your strength; O Lord of truth and light,
And we will sing and praise Your Name; rejoice in Your great might.


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