Psalm 2

76.76 D
Timothy Tennent

1Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?
2The kings of earth together with rulers stand arraigned
against the Lord and also ‘gainst His Anointed One:
3“Let’s break their chains and fetters; with their rule we are done!”

4The One enthroned in heaven just laughs and scoffs at them,
5And then He speaks in anger; in wrath opposes them:
6“I’ve set my King in Zion, upon my holy hill”;
7He said, “You are my Son; and today begotten still.”

8“O, ask of me, I’ll give you the nations as your own;
The ends of earth I’ll grant you, for you and you alone.
9You’ll rule them with a scepter and dash them to the ground;
Like pottery in pieces, their pride I will confound.”

10Therefore, O kings, show wisdom, be warned you lords of earth;
11And serve the Lord with trembling, rejoice at His great worth.
12O kiss the Son and bow down, lest wrath destroy your way,
Though it flare up, bless’d are those who make the Lord their stay.


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