Psalm 19
Julie Tennent

1The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the skies are declaring the work of His hands.
2For day after day they speak, pouring forth knowledge, and night after night is displayed their expanse.
3Their voice is not heard – there’s no speech and no word, but 
4their sound has gone forth to the earth’s farthest end.
5The sun in the heaven comes forth like a bridegroom; the Lord for a race does His champion send.

6It rises at one end of heaven and travels; its circuit extends over all of the earth.
And nothing is hidden from its heat or glory; and like it, God’s law shines with power and worth.
7The law of the Lord is most perfect and holy, reviving the soul and restoring the heart;
The statutes of God can be trusted most surely, they make wise the simple and truth do impart.

8The precepts of God are right, giving the heart joy; commands of the Lord are pure, lighting the eyes.
9The fear of the Lord is enduring forever; His judgments are true and right, making us wise. 
10They are much more precious than gold, and much sweeter than honey and honeycomb where honey’s stored;
11Moreover, by them is Your servant instructed; in keeping Your statutes, there is great reward.

12But who can discern his faults? O Lord, forgive both my hidden and willful sins – let them not rule!
13Then I will be blameless, complete, and acquitted of every transgression that besets the fool.
14May all of the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be accepted, O Lord, in Your sight; 
Lord, my sure Rock and my precious Redeemer, may my life be pleasing and lived in Your light.
Timothy Tennent

1The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies do proclaim the works of His hands.
2For day after day their speech loudly pours forth, and night after night knowledge resounds and stands.

3Like language and speech throughout the whole world, so there is no place their voice is not heard.
4Their voice does sound forth to the ends of the earth; the whole world proclaiming His almighty word!

5His tent has been pitched in heaven above, the sun like a bridegroom mounts up the sky.
It’s like a great champion running his course, with joy as he travels his circuit on high!

6It rises to shine from start to the end; the heavens are His, He runs through his way.
There’s nothing on earth which is hidden from it; the warm heat is felt by all under its sway.

7The law of the Lord is perfect and sound, for with it the soul is revived and crowned;
God’s statutes are trustworthy, making us wise; His precepts bring joy and his justice is found.

8Commands of the Lord are radiant and bright; they light up the eyes and bring us new sight.
9The fear of the Lord is enduring and pure; His laws and decrees are eternally right!

10Most precious are they, more precious than gold, and sweeter by far than the honeycomb.
11By them is your servant warned and is foretold, “A reward is yours in your heavenly home.”

12O who can discern his errors and ways? Forgive all my faults and keep me from sin.
13May they not rule over my life and my will; then I will be blameless from transgression then.

14May words of my mouth and thoughts of my heart be pleasing to You and within your sight.
Lord, You’re my Rock in the day and the night, and my true Redeemer in whom I delight.

C.M. (86.86)
Portions adapted by Julie Tennent from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter

1The heav’ns declare God’s glory, and the skies His hand-works preach;
2Day after day they speak, and night to night they knowledge teach.

3There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice does not extend;
4Their sound goes out through all the earth, their words to the world’s end.

5In heav’n He set the sun a tent, who, bridegroom-like goes forth,
Just as a champion runs his race, rejoicing in his course.

6From heaven’s end, it rises and then circles back again;
And there is nothing that can hide from its intense heat then.

7God’s law is perfect, and converts the soul in sin that lies;
God’s testimony is most sure, and makes the simple wise.

8The statutes of the Lord are right, and do rejoice the heart;
The Lord’s command is pure, and does light to the eyes impart.

9The fear of God is pure, and it forever does endure;
The judgments of the Lord are true, both righteous and most sure.

10For more than gold, yes, much fine gold, to be desired they are.
And more than honey from the comb, they sweeter are by far.

11Moreover, they Thy servant warn how he his life should frame;
In keeping them is great reward for walking in the same.

12Who can his errors understand? O cleanse me, Lord within
13from secret faults, Thy servant keep from all presumptuous sin.

And do not suffer them to have dominion over me; 
Then, righteous, also innocent, I from much sin will be.

14The words which from my mouth proceed, the thoughts within my heart:
May they please You, for You my strength and my Redeemer art.


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