Psalm 17

C.M. (86.86)
Portions adapted by Julie Tennent from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter

1Lord, hear my plea, attend my cry, unto my prayer give heed,
My righteous plea does not from false, deceitful lips proceed.

2Now let the judgment of my cause proceed, O Lord, from You;
Your eyes see what is right, so give my vindication due.

3Though You have probed my heart at night, and tested me within;
You nothing found, for I resolved my mouth would never sin.

4As for men’s deeds, by Your own word which from Your lips does flow,
I’ve kept myself from wicked ways where violent men do go.

5My steps have held unto Your path; I’ve walked within Your way;
My feet have not slipped, for upon Your path I vowed to stay.

6I call on You, and trust, O God that You will answer me.
Give ear to me and hear my prayer; incline Your ear to me.

7Show me the wonder of Your love; You save by your right hand
those who take refuge in You from the foes that ‘gainst them stand.

8Keep me as safe as you would keep the apple of your eye;
And in the shadow of Your wings, allow me safe to hide.

9From wicked ones who trouble me, who do my soul surround,
From all my mortal enemies who compass me around.

10They close their callous hearts, and speak with arrogance profound.
11They track me down with eyes alert, to throw me to the ground.

12They’re like a lion prowling round, and hungry for his prey;
A lion who lies crouching, and does under cover stay.

13Rise up and disappoint my foes, and cast them down, O Lord;
And rescue me from wicked ones by power of Your sword.

14Stretch out Your hand to save me from such worldly men, O Lord,
Who only in this present life do gather their reward.

You still the hunger of the ones You cherish, and provide;
So they’ll not want, their children all with wealth will be supplied.

15But as for me, in righteousness, Your face I know I’ll see;
When I wake, I’ll be satisfied, Your likeness there to see.


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